Thursday, November 12, 2020

Ms. Rainie and Ms. Sandy's 4's class at Knoch Knolls Park

 Ms. Rainie and Ms. Sandy's 4's MWF

October 9, 2020 to November 12, 2020

With fall upon us we have found a lot of leaves on the ground to enjoy on our hikes. We have crunched them, jumped in them , piled them up and threw them up in the air. On one of our hikes we made a triangle out of the sticks we collected. We are finding all kinds of animals in nature from worms to squirrels.

We just finished up our family unit where we learned how to take care of babies, draw our families , and draw/build the different types of homes a family could live in.

In Art, we experimented with water colors. We did salt painting and erupting paint with baking soda and vinegar. We used pipettes with both processes, working on their fine motor skills. The kids were very excited to see what would happen with both techniques.

In our small group they were busy illustrating and writing their own story. We also worked on identifying the letters.

We had a fun time celebrating Halloween. All of the kids looked great in their costumes. We learned how to play tic-tac-toe and decorated pumpkins.

Happy Fall!

Mrs. Sandy and Mrs. Rainie

 Dates to remember:

No school Thanksgiving break 11/23-11/27

No school parent teacher conferences 12/3 & 12/4

Blog posted 12/11

No school winter break 12/21- 1/5/21           

Fall Fun in Mrs. Melby's & Mrs. Boyle's Pre-K Class Nov. 13th

Pre-K Fall Fun in Room 101
 Mrs. Melby & Mrs. Boyle
November 13, 2020

October was a very busy month for our Pre-K Class.  We learned and had lots of fun each day.  While we definitely worked on our writing, math and science skills; the kids also learned so much more. We are learning how to be a friend and classmate with one another. We are beginning to see this in our room and are very excited.

We were invited to a reptile show.  It was so exciting to see snakes, turtles and all different types of lizards.  We even got to touch the turtle if we wanted to.

At the writing table, we worked on many things.  Often times you will find us writing books.  This month we wrote books about taking care of babies and what we were going to be for Halloween.  We also talked about signs and how they were important because they tell us what to do.  We then made our own signs.

At the block center, we were very busy building.  This month we created buildings and our homes.  We also talked about ramps and inclines and made our own ramps to test out on the rug.  We learned that both the steeper the incline and the weight of the ball would impact how fast the ball would roll down the ramp.

The art table is always a very busy one in our room.  Whether we use paint brushes, sponges, dot painters and even droppers the children are always very eager to create.  Above you will see us color mixing using droppers and liquid watercolors.

At the math center we created buildings using one inch cubes.  We even used them to measure our class pumpkin.  It was so exciting to count how many cubes we used.

At the easel, we worked on our one to one correspondence skills.

We worked on strengthening the muscles in our hands. We use the scissors to cut. Tweezers to sort our pretend "sushi".

For Halloween we had a class pumpkin.  We were able to look at the inside of the pumpkin when we scooped out all the seeds.  

We even created an experiment using baking soda and vinegar where we got to see it explode! 

It was so fun enjoying some Halloween fun together! 

Looking ahead:

November 23-27 No school - Thanksgiving Break
December 3rd - Parent / Teachers Conferences
December 11th -  December Blog posted
December 21- January 5th - Winter Break

We have such a great class and we are enjoying each day together.  Thanks to everyone for helping support us in the classroom and out.  We are able to have school each day with all of your help and we truly appreciate all of your efforts. 

We hope that you have a safe and wonderful weekend.  

Thanks again,
Mrs. Melby & Mrs. Boyle


Ms. Patti and Ms. Michelle 3's Plus M/W/F Class At Knoch Knolls

 Ms. Patti and Ms. Michelle

3's Plus M/W/F Class at Knoch Knolls

October 14 - November 13, 2020

Digging with dinosaur friends

Taking a break while we explore the woods

Pizza time

We love lollipops (made from play dough).

Rainy day fun...entering preschool through the
Nature Center

Drawing our families

We have learned so much about families
and taking care of each other.

Throwing leaves is so much fun!

Happy Halloween!

We have a room full of Bombaloos!

Making a big pizza

Shapes, colors and silliness


     Friday, Nov. 20 - Hat Day!

     Monday, Nov. 23 - 27 - Thanksgiving Break - No School

     Friday, Dec. 18 - Pajama Day!

Ms. Patti and Ms. Michelle

Ms. Patti and Ms. Michelle 3's T/Th Class at Knoch Knolls

 Ms. Patti and Ms. Michelle

3's T/Th Class at Knoch Knolls

October 13 - November 12, 2020

Making a big pizza

Checking out the rocks and logs (We have to
climb them so we can see them better!)

Delicious food being made

Making ramps and inclines

Happy Halloween!

On our way into class, we have to 
stop and play in the snow!

Grouping the turtles and frogs

We found Osage Oranges.

Arranging the tracks to see if the spinner will go
down them

Leaves are amazing!

Enjoying our pizza parlor

We have a room full of Bombaloos!


     Thursday, Nov. 19 - Hat Day!

     Monday, Nov. 23 - 27 - Thanksgiving Break - No School

     Thursday, Dec. 17 - Pajama Day!

Ms. Patti and Ms. Michelle

Friday, November 6, 2020

Mrs. Brady and Ms. Sandy's Pre-K Room 119

Mrs. Brady and Ms. Sandy's 

Pre-K Room 119

November 6, 2020

Our class was invited to observe some amazing
reptiles in action. We enjoyed watching and petting this beautiful turtle.

Parachute fun

What a structure in the Gross Motor room!

Playing with a pretend family

Writing and illustrating our own stories

Painting with watercolor paint

Creating Bombaloo Masks

Sorting by color and size

Block play 

Using a water wheel with corn. 

Using letters to create words and names.


Thank you so much for visiting the blog, we hope you enjoyed learning about some of the activities the children have been exploring within our classroom. Thank you also for sharing your beautiful and amazing children with us! Have a wonderful weekend.

Ms. Sandy and Mrs. Brady

Important Dates:

November 23-27   No School Thanksgiving Break
December 3rd   Parent Teacher Conferences
December 21-January 5  No School Winter Break