Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Ms. Linda and Ms. Heather ~ Three Plus ~ M/W/F

October 13, 2017

Fall is here!  We are really enjoying our new friends, the classroom and the great outdoors!  We have been learning that kindness always wins and we use our kind words and helping hands among our friends to develop friendships! 

Customers and cooks at the Pizza Parlor!

As we continue name recognition, each student is responsible for finding his or her own name card upon arrival.  Our “name song” is still on the charts as we sing it often in order to help them remember the names of other friends in the classroom. 

Our Name Song!

Books are a blast!  Especially ones that reinforce counting and repetitive phrases.  They have enjoyed “Going on a Leaf Hunt” by Steve Metzger and “Acorns Everywhere” by Kevin Sherry.  The fingerplay, “Five Little Acorns” was also a hit!

You can say it together at home!

Practicing those mathematics already!  Last week, the students were able to sort, count, and graph goldfish crackers.  This week, they tasted red and green apples and we graphed our favorites.  Green won!!

Sorting, counting, graphing, and EATING goldfish!

We were able to take our first hike!  They found acorns, leaves and some pretty enormous black walnuts on the ground!  We stopped at a fallen log so everyone could take a turn walking across.  The nature we experience outside is always reinforced inside as well.  The sensory table represented our pond outside as it was filled with water, pretend frogs, fish and lily pads.  Our science table was filled with leaves, seeds, flowers, bark, you name it!

Our First Hike!
Walking on the log!

Bringing the nature inside!

The indoor pond!

Incorporating art with nature has been a fun experience lately!  Many of us have made “fish prints” or leaf prints using paint!  Also, the orange, pumpkin-spiced play dough has been available every day.  We rolled some of it into ball-shapes and sang “Five Little Pumpkins” so they can “roll out of sight!”

Fun with orange, pumpkin-spiced play-dough!

Painting leaves!

And when the weather cooperates, we enjoy being outside!

A cozy spot!

On the playground!

We celebrated two birthdays recently! 

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

Lastly, just a reminder that Parent/Teacher Conferences are scheduled for October 20th.  Our Halloween Celebration is scheduled for October 30th!  Thanks for reading!  

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Miss Ashly and Miss Nicole 3's Seager T/TH

Seager Park
3's T/TH

We finally welcomed autumn with the change in the weather. We were excited to go explore outside and see the colorful changes in the leaves. The preschoolers loved picking up different leaves and bringing them back with us to the classroom. You might have even noticed some leaves in their backpacks. The Preschoolers have also enjoyed going to our Farmers Market in our classroom. Buying pumpkins, apples and other veggies is great fun for three year olds. 

We started learning about the letter Ff and the letter Ll. We explored different objects that started with these letters and practiced the sounds they make. The 3’s enjoyed using Ff and Ll stamps in writing center.  

In our math center we sorted leaves by color. We even pretended to be trees and have the leaves fall from our branches. With the help of Ms. Ashly we counted and sorted five leaves into different cups.

At science center the preschoolers enjoy exploring a bin full of fall items which included leaves, sticks, some pebbles and even some small bugs that we had picked up on our walk outside. The preschoolers also explored different parts of the leaf with the magnifying glass.
In our art center the Preschoolers painted with different fall items this included leaves, sticks and rocks. They enjoyed picking their favorite fall colors and painting with the item of their choice. They even painted over the leaf so it would stick to the paper and they would get so excited that they had made their own trees!

The Preschoolers have been working on listening skills. We have been playing fun games, taking short hikes and exploring the outside to do this. They have been learning how important is it to keep our listening ears on when we are outside and to follow the directions given.  

We are looking forward to getting to explore and take new adventures outside.
Miss Ashly and Miss Nicole

Dates to remember:
Oct. 17th- Picture Day
Oct. 19-Parent/ Teacher Conferences 

Ms. Nicole & Ms. Ashly Seager Pre-K (M-TR)


Happy October!! The past two weeks have been full of new indoor and outdoor explorations! Our Pre-K Explorers have been testing out a lot of new skills. Every day, we open up with circle-time where we sing the Days of the Week and Months of the Year songs. Students are assigned jobs for the week such as Hand Washers, Door Holders, Weather Person, Calendar Person, and Snack Leaders. Ask your child what job(s) they have had!

In Language Arts, the Explorers began to learn new sight words. We use snap cards which show the word with a photo to help remember the word. Each day during circle time, we show the cards and students raise their hands to attempt the word. Words that have been practiced so far are: no, me, go, the, and out. The students are beginning to recognize the words in their own sentences as well as in the text in books. Additionally, the Explorers have been practicing the letters F and L by discovering words that begin with them and practicing the sounds that they make.


At the math center, the students have been able to practice their sorting, matching, and counting skills. One week, there was a pumpkin pie fall-themed math game that allowed them to practice their matching and counting skills. The game was similar to bingo, but the students were also challenged to be creative and choose their own rules at times. This past week, we have been sorting leaves by color and then counting how many leaves fall into each color. There were green, orange, and yellow leaves.

The science center has been all about exploring what fall is. The first week of October, you could find a tub filled with outdoor items like leaves, branches, and bark to magnify and observe. This past week, the science center has been focused more specifically on observing leaves and their different parts.

The blue oval rug is our designated block area. All of the kids enjoy venturing over there from time to time. Recently, the kids have seen some trains added to the block area. They get to practice making circuits and figuring out how to appropriately piece together the tracks in order to create a smooth platform for their locomotives to move! Though this is new, they still enjoy building some towers and other structures with the traditional blocks.

The sensory table has been apple-pie themed these past two weeks, and the Explorers have loved it! The base texture is created with oats, while there are about 8-10 fake apples in the mix. The kids even discovered a handle of cinnamon sticks in there! The smell is wonderful and perfectly fit for the season.

Art has been Fall themed using the colors red, orange, yellow, and green. We recently created self portraits made with leaves and sticks. The students have also painted with these materials and created stamp collages with stamps replicated fall-themed items.

The dramatic play theme these past two weeks has been “Farmer’s Market”. There is a cash register, a tub to wash produce, pumpkins and gourds, as well as baskets and paper bags to go shopping with!

Each day, we sit down with our students and discuss important classroom matters. Sometimes these talks are planned ahead of time, and other times they are improvised for what is most relevant to our class at that moment. We have discussed turn-taking, standing in line, respecting boundaries, and how to express our emotions appropriately. You would be amazed at the wisdom of a 4-year-old, they could even teach some adults a thing or two.

Dance parties and hikes are a regular part of our day in Pre-K. The kiddos love to bust out their best dance moves to Disney hits. Some of our favorites are You’re Welcome, Let It Go, and Hakuna Matata. The hikes have gradually become longer with more and more of a focus on the elements of the outdoors. Specifically, students are focusing on using their senses (with the exception of taste…) to make observations about the season, the weather, and the outdoors in general.

Reminder that Tuesday is Picture Day (October 17th)!! We cannot wait to see what the rest of the year has in store!

Ms. Nicole & Ms. Ashly

Friday, October 13, 2017

Mrs.C and Mrs. Walsh Seager 4's Oct. 13

We welcomed October with the opening of Seager's Farmers Market.  Pumpkins, gourds, and lots of apples were available for weighing, bagging and purchasing.  Letters M and I were our focus letters and our sight words were Me and I.

Farmers Market shopping

The class published their first class book titled My Pumpkin. Each child drew a jack-o-lantern and completed the sentence, "My Pumpkin is............".   When your child takes the book home to share with your family, please return it the next school day so we can keep the book rotating through the class. In small groups, the children worked on their letter books, did letter searches, and practiced writing their names. The letter bag went home for the first time. Every a week a student will take home the letter bag to put items in that start with the letter of the week. When we return the next school day, they will have a chance to share with the class what they have put in the bag.  

Letter search and shape tracing

Working on her letter book

Making a jack-o-lantern

Matching and connecting large bands on the counting boards is a fun math activity. Stretching the bands from one side of the board to the matching number on the opposite side is a fine motor work out. We used the numbered monkeys for practicing number ordering, and used rulers to measure different items around the room.
Number boards and numbered monkeys

Measuring a Playdough pancake

We graphed our favorite ice cream cone flavor. The children wrote their name on a colored “scoop” and placed it on the correct cone.  Chocolate was the winner, with strawberry coming in a close second.  To work on number recognition, the children counted and stamped pumpkins on a numbered vine.
Stamping pumpkins a numbered vine
Ice cream cone graph
Letter M week had the children making discoveries with magnets, noticing how opposite magnetic forces attract and similar ones do not. Building with magnetic tiles allows the children to explore how combining the tiles can be used to make different geometrical shapes. They can create three-dimensional shapes and build repeating patterns. As a group they created a marble run, and through collaboration and trial and error they designed a run where the marbles didn’t get stuck…success!   We took the water pipes outside to the sand pit where the children built tube mazes and then filled them up with sand. There were some pretty clever structures being made. Critical thinking and the power of cooperation….awesome skills!

Pipe tubes with sand

We checked the rain graph one morning and noted that we had 2.5 inches of rain.  That means water in the stream and mud for digging in!!

The children marble painted mummies on a rainy day. Rainy weather means music and movement inside. We used the rhythm sticks to follow the beat of songs and then marched around the room while making lots of stick noise.

After going on a leaf hunt, the children sorted through them to pick out their favorites and arranged them on contact paper for a pretty nature collage to put on our bulletin board.

Looking for just the right leaves
The finished product!
October 18th---Picture Day
October 30th---Halloween fun
November 2nd---No school, teacher institute
November 22-24---Thanksgiving Break

                                                           See everyone on Monday
                                                             Mrs. Walsh and Mrs. C.

Mrs. Kort and Ms. Denise 3Plus at RCC

Wow! October already! We are having a great time playing and getting to know each other! We are happy to report that the children are all settling into the classroom routine.

Snack time!
In Language Arts, The children have been working very hard on their pre-writing skills. They have worked on tracing straight, wavy and zig zag lines. The children loved tracing so much that we put out also different shapes, such as, a spider, a girl, a boy, a flower and a leaf to trace.  We were even able to challenge them to trace a letter.To challenge to students. One day we went as far as to have them try to make these lines in shaving cream. It was a blast!  Some of the children were hesitant to touch the shaving cream at first, but enjoyed it once they did.  Other children “jumped right in” and were covered in shaving cream! Our room sure smelled good that day! 

Tracing lines

Making shapes in shaving cream.

We incorporated Art and math when  we used play dough to create food (especially spaghetti), make letters and make different size meatballs and counted them.  This helps the children to work on their fine motor skills, counting and letter formation all at the same time.  In Art, the children also made a  leaf rubbings using a leaf paper and crayon and painted with acorns.

We love play dough!

Leaf rubbings

Acorn painting

We combined Art with Science this week by using a coffee filter, markers and a spray bottle to make beautiful creations. The children colored on the filters with markers then sprayed water on the coloring. The water makes the marker color spread throughout the coffee filter, This is called Chromatography.   We took this activity one step further by mixing shaving cream and liquid paint.  How cool it was to see the white shaving cream turn orange!

Looking at an acorn with a magnifying glass.

In Social Studies, we discussed sharing and making friends. We also learned about firefighters and what they do for our community.

Here are some community helpers. The firefighter is not in the picture
because he is putting out a fire.

The sensory table is always an exciting area to play in. One week we had rice and beans with cups, spoons and bowls. The children enjoyed scooping and pouring out.  Some even made delicious soup and tea! Week two there was shaving cream, paint and spray bottles to pretend to put out fires. 
You will be happy to know that we had terrific firefighters in our class. 

Shaving cream in the sensory table.
Dramatic Play is always an area of interest with our class. Some of the children performed a wonderful play about animals. We can’t forget about the gym! The children just love running, jumping, climbing and sliding. We also played with the parachute. We pretended to be the wind blowing and even put leaves on the parachute to see what happens to the leaves on a windy day.
What a great show!
Going to the Gross Motor Room bring lots of laughter and fun. The children are working on very important skills during this time.The children just love running, jumping, climbing and sliding. We also played with the parachute. We pretended to be the wind blowing and even put leaves on the parachute to see what happens to the leaves on a windy day.
How high can we lift the parachute?

Everyone looked their best on Picture day! It was quite a success! Thank you to everyone who brought in family pictures! If you haven’t brought one in yet, there is still time.

 Ms. Denise and Mrs. Kort

Important Dates-

Friday, October 20—Conferences

Monday, October 30—Halloween party