Friday, December 19, 2014

Ms. Brooke and Ms. Teri 3's MWF KK

December 2014

“Play is the highest form of research”   Albert Einstein

Parents have indicated that they enjoy the photos of the children on the blog, so we will share our December ‘play experiences’ with you through photos.

Our December began by exploring changes in matter in both our learning environments. While outside, we went on an ‘ice hike’ to find frozen water at our school.

                         The first ice we saw was the frozen pond outside our classroom.

                                                          We found frozen water on  the rain barrel outside our window.

Exploring ice inside our classroom was a ‘chilly’ experiment. 

The children used tongs to transfer the slippery ice cubes from bowls to cups supporting their fine motor skills. We discussed why the ice was melting inside our school and not outside.

 The cold weather outside and our winter clothes prompted a discussion about how do birds and animals stay warm during these cold weather days. Our sensory table was transformed into ‘winter’ and the children were supported as they used materials to construct homes for the animals.

Snack time supports our self help skills.

I for ice, ink and ice cream

White shaving cream mixed with red paint over bubble wrap makes the color of the week ‘Pink’.

Writing letters in pink shaving cream feels soft over bubble wrap.

Outside we are learning to move our bodies with winter clothes on the play equipment

Ice melting continued as we became an ice melting ‘team’ and we worked together on two big blocks of ice.

Dripping glue and glitter looks like icicles

Brooke explained that the DuPage River was not frozen because moving water takes longer to freeze.

                                                                We can still find some leaves to make ‘leaf angels’

                                                                                       Table time with friends

 How many cups does it take to fill the bird feeder?

We did it!

cutting ‘long’ pieces of yarn, twine, and string into ‘short’ pieces

Who's taller?

We like rain because then we have ‘puddles’ for play

 Ms. Brooke helped us to identify ‘evergreen’ trees. They stay green all year, even when it snows. Birds and animals use the evergreen trees to keep warm.

Towers and enclosures in the block area

After we finished exploring the bird seed, we mixed it with gooey gelatin. We pressed it on a sheet pan and then cut it into geometric shapes.

We continued learning about how the cold weather outside effects the animals at our center and how we can care for them. In the sensory table we explored bird seed by scooping and poring it into containers. We learned that birds need food in the winter because their other food sources are low.

As a continuation to birds and animals that adapt to the environment during the winter months, we took our bird seed shapes and put string through them. Knowing that evergreen trees are winter homes for the birds, we hung our seed ‘shapes’ on the branches. We can look out our classroom windows and watch the birds ‘munch’ on the bird seed.

Pattern blocks make colorful snowflakes

Holding hands on a hike

Puppet shows support language acquisition and friendship.

                                           We look for animal tracks outside and then paint the tracks we find inside

“we are like animals making their homes in a log to stay warm in the winter."

We are grateful for the opportunity to share learning, friendship, and fun with your children each day. Have a wonderful winter break and we look forward to seeing each of you in 2015! School resumes January 5 :)