Friday, January 30, 2015

Ms. Brooke and Ms. Teri 3's MWF KK

January 2015

Happy 2015! We welcomed each other back to school and were happy to be together again as a class. It was wonderful to see the children smile and  give 'hello hugs' to each other. Curing our first group time after winter break, we talked about our time away from each other and the things we did. The extreme temperatures outside prompted us to look with binoculars outside for birds, ducks and squirrels. Ms. Brooke explained places around the nature center that the animals may be staying for the winter and shared books showing animal homes in the winter.

We constructed animal homes in our sensory table using pine needles, twigs, boxes, and brown play doh.

After reading the books 'Hibernation Station' and 'Over and Under' we made burrows that keep animals warm during the winter.

Snowpants, boots, hats, mittens, and coats keep us warm when we hike. The DuPage River is frozen , but we can still see the water flowing under the ice.

Catching snowflakes on felt rectangles and examining them with magnifying glasses. We learned that each snowflake is different and has six points. We also collected snow in cups brought it inside. Watching the melting snow, we estimated how long it would take for the snow to melt to water. Then we measured the water in each cup learning that a full cup of snow melts into a half a cup of water!

Stomping on 'crunchy' snow and sliding on 'slippery' ice using some fun gross motor skills.

After a fire drill outside, our 'Hot Chocolate Shop' had a fire. Brave firefighters saved the sweet drink and delicious marshmallows.

We take turns with the firefighter uniforms and fire engine.

Letter games with friends supports letter recognition, fine motor skills and social/emotional development.

Sorting crayons by colors

Stretching and cutting the cold GAK strengthens our hands and fingers.

Scooping, pouring, and measuring macaroni in big bowls and little bowls helps us to understand quantity.

How long are the blocks?

Making 'Monster Truck Tire Tracks' is fun!

Pretend snow for 'Snowman' faces and 'Snowball' painting.

We pretended to be animals hibernating in their burrow!

Practicing our writing and cutting skills.

We filled our sensory bin with real cold snow :)

We have enjoyed learning and playing together this month experiencing our first winter in both our amazing indoor/outdoor classrooms.

Dates to Remember:
February 16-No School