Thursday, September 29, 2016

Mrs. Kort and Mrs Charity T/Th 3's Knoch Knolls September

September 14th- 30th  

Hike to the "Man Tree"
Collecting nature materials for our self portraits
Welcome to preschool!   Our class has spent time getting to know each other, making new friends, learning classroom rules, hiking and exploring.

In language arts, we read “Five Green and Specked Frogs”, "The Foolish Tortoise", "Cloudette",  "Ten Apples in the Tree" and "Animal Boogie".   We began our year learning the letter A, what names and objects begin with the letter A and reading books about Ants, Apples and Animals.
Pond creature counting
In math, we began working on one-to-one correspondence by counting and placing red, green and yellow pom pom apples in a tree.   Our class also focused on number recognition by finding the numeral on ponds and counting the number of pond creatures  (different types of turtles and frogs) to place on the corresponding pond.  We began patterning using miniature plastic green and red apples, squirrels and leaves.  Our class continued patterning by creating and matching parts of birds - wings, tail feather and heads.  

In science, our class explored the habitats around Knoch Knolls.  We learned about what animals live in the forest, river and pond.   We even had a special visit from our resident box turtle, Shelldon.  Ms. Angelique, Knoch Knolls Nature Center Director, brought Shelldon to our classroom and we discovered what turtles eat and how they protect themselves.

Apple Orchard

There's a doctor in the house
Giving a speeding ticket

Our dramatic play this month has been an Apple Orchard where the class ran the orchard store selling everything from baskets of apples to apple cider.  We also began talking about community helpers in anticipation of our fire truck visit next month.   Our class dressed up as a firefighter, mailman, construction worker,  nurse, doctor, chef, airline pilot and police officer.  One of the wooden trucks was given a ticket for speeding!

Apple Stamping
Acorn Marble Painting

In art, our class collected many varieties of plant and flowers to use to make a self-portrait using the items found.   We also collected acorns on another  hike and used the acorns with a marble painting technique on acorn cut-outs.   Our class had to use their skills to balance and roll the acorns through the paint  covering the acorn cutout.

In our exploration of apples, our class was shown how to operate an apple peeler to peel apples for applesauce.  We also did a taste test to see which apple was the tastiest….red, green or yellow.   Red apples won!  The crockpot applesauce was decidedly delicious!

Making "pies" in cloud dough
At the sensory table, our class explored many different varieties of bugs in paper “grass”, creatures in a pond and cloud dough to scoop, measure and form into shapes and, of course, apple “pies”.

We look forward to more explorations and creations in October!

Mrs. Kort and Mrs. Charity

Dates to Remember
Thursday, October 6th    -  No Preschool.  Teacher Institute Day
Tuesday, October 18th    -  Firetruck Visit to Knoch Knolls
Thursday, October 20th  -  No Preschool.  Parent/Teacher Conferences
Thursday, October 27th -  Halloween Celebration.  Wear your costume and decorate a pumpkin.