Friday, September 30, 2016

Mrs. Glass and Mrs. Melby


On  Monday, September 12, 2016 we greeted our new students and their parents at our annual "Orientation Day".  We enjoyed meeting everyone!  Thanks to everyone that made it.  It really is essential to ensure that the children have a smooth start to their school year.  On Wednesday, September 14th we had our first day of school!  It started with drop off!  We appreciate everyone's patience while we work through the bumps of our very first drop off / pick up line.  Luckily the children didn't seem to notice anything and it all went smoothly.
 Once we were inside we were busy learning all about our new room and the classroom rules!  We talked about how we should use (1.) indoor voices (2.)Walking Feet (3.) Helping Hands  and how we  (4.)  raise our hands at circle  and (5) wait to be called.  The children have been doing very well with this.  This is hard because we are now asking them to abide by rules they have never had to before. We are asking this of them now so that it will ease your children's transition into kindergarten .  

During our first day we played with blocks, enjoyed using the stampers, and roller painted.  Then after snack we got to go and try out our new "large motor room"!

At the writing center we created self portraits in our journals.  A mirror helped us to see what to draw!

We are continually working on recognizing and writing our names.  This week we used magnetic letters and stickers! Throughout the year we will continue to expose them through different mediums to recognize, write and read not only their names but also eventually their classmates.

During the second week of school, we introduced the letter "S". As we introduce the letter to the children we also try to provide an environment that will surround them in all areas with items that begin with the letter and therefore the sound. We cut out the letter "S", learned a song about it, and drew pictures of things that started with "S" for our alphabet book.

We strung straws, painted inside stencils, and washed our kitchen dishes with soap!  S,S,S!!
 And of course, we enjoyed snack!

We continued with "S" activities.  We practiced our cutting skills when making a snake!  As you will see, we will continue to work on our cutting skills throughout the year.  These skills are so important because they strengthen the muscles in their hands that they will need to write. 

At the easel, the children used straws on contact paper to make abstract designs and our name!

We stamped with paint!

In Science this week, we talked about the concepts of  "sink and float".  After that discussion we then experimented using different items and guessed whether they thought the items would "sink" or "float".  The children really enjoyed this experiment.

Every Monday, the helper of the day will bring home the letter bag.  This is a bag where the child will be asked to search throughout their home and find things that begin with the letter that we are focusing on.  At circle time the next school day that child will have an opportunity to show the class what they have brought in.

Helper of the day!  What is in the "S" bag??

 We love to build!

 We also played with puzzles,  created with stencils, painted with spaghetti and worked on writing "s" words!

Spaghetti in the sensory table, snap cards, squishy bags, and sushi sorting!  "S" , "S", "S"!!

The week of September 26th, we introduced the letter "A.

In science and math we tasted red, yellow, and green apples.  We then colored a paper apple the color of our favorite.  After that, we graphed which apple was our favorite.  Using our counting skills we figured out that we liked red apples best.  The kids really enjoyed this science experiment.

At free art this week, we introduced the concept of environmental print.  This is where the children needed to look through magazines and advertisements to find items that begin with the letter A and glue them onto our A page.
 In dramatic play, we got to play in the apple stand.   Here we practiced our patience, taking turns and working with each other. Everyone wanted to work the cash register first but we knew that we needed to take turns. Our math skills were also used when we counted and weighed the apples.  At the scale we worked on the concepts of "more and less".  The apple stand was a big hit.  They loved it.

In the sensory bin we got to experience "cloud apple dough"!  It felt good and smelled good!

At the math table, we played an apple game where we needed to recognize the number printed on the tree and count out the corresponding apples.

As we continue to learn about the letter "A", we cut out an "A", made apple prints, and wrote the letter Aa in our alphabet book.

We finished off our week of "A"   with marble painting and apple, coloring an airplane with rock crayons and practicing our cutting skills by cutting it out, and making an "A" book.

Tinker toys were added to the block area.

This month was a wonderful start to our year.  The children have adjusted very well to our class and our routine.  It is great to see the friendships that have started and will continue to form throughout the year.  They are an amazing group of children and we thank you for allowing us the opportunity to teach them.  We look forward to see how much they will grow.

Looking ahead:

Monday, October 10, 2016                    No School  -  Columbus  Day
Friday, October 14, 2016                       Picture Day
Monday, October 31, 2016                    Halloween

Have a great weekend and we will see you all again on Monday!

Mrs. Melby and Mrs. Glass