Thursday, September 29, 2016

Ms. Denise and Ms. Sandy T/Th 3's at the RCC

 Thank you so much for coming to orientation with your children. It was wonderful to meet you all.  We started off the year with a bang! We had a few tears but those disappeared when the children realized how much fun we are going to have at the NPD Preschool this year! So, let’s get this school year started!
Welcome to our puppet show!

What happen to my fingers?

Using fine motor to rip paper

Look how tall my tower is!

How much does this dinosaur weigh?

During the first week we talked about the classroom rules and the different centers and activities in the classroom.  Repeat...The Rules of the Classroom…we will continue to work on the rules over the next few weeks.  We also are getting to know one another and making new friends.

At circle time, we talked about the calendar, weather, and the alphabet, and  the different classroom helpers, such as,  the Weather Helper and Line Leader. We also read/listened to books about the first day of school, “Rainbow Fish” and “Pumpkin Countdown”.  The children were so excited to share their All About Me posters.

In Science,  we began investigating how items appear under a magnifying glass. We started with bugs. Don’t worry the bugs were preserved in clear blocks.  Still a bunch of “eww”s could be heard in the classroom, especially when looking at the spider and centipede.  Next we explored with our thumbprints. We quickly discovered that no two thumbprints match and that a magnifying glass makes things appear larger than they really are!
Stamping with my fingers

Am I close enough?

There you are!

Using a magnifying glass to look at my finger prints

They look like big dots

During Language Arts, we have been working on name recognition and identifying the letters in the children’s names.  The children used their fine motor skills and dot art to trace the first letter of their name.  The children also used lacing bears to work on fine motor. They used dry erase markers and erasers to practice tracing letters. The students also answered questions about themselves. This was done in a small group for the children to get to know each other. Another activity the children enjoyed doing was writing letters in shaving cream.
Dot art

Lacing Bears

Look what I did!

I am doing it all by myself

Which question will I choose?

We began our journey in Math by introducing the children to a graph and the different components (parts) of a graph. Our graph was based on how many girls and boys are in our class. The children had to first identify whether they are a girl or a boy.  Yippee! The children all knew their correct gender!  We then further discussed the information on the graph.  How many girls in class? How many boys? Which has more? Which has less?  The children also sorted different sized bears. Our hope was that the children identified with the concept of small or large.
7 girls...

And 7 boys...

14 altogether

Counting with bears

Our little “Picassos” created self-portraits as an extension of what we are learning in Social Studies.  They, also, shared a little bit about themselves, such as, how many are in their family, foods they liked, favorite activities and places.  This was a nice introduction to learning about each other in a large group setting.  They also enjoyed play dough and finger painting(most of them enjoyed finger painting).
Self portraits


Finger painting

Do you like my painting?

Give me a high five!

Give ME 10!

For the first two weeks we have been learning how to sit appropriately during circle time.  We call these The Rug Rules.  They are- sitting criss-cross, eyes looking forward, hands in lap, quiet mouth and good listening ears.

We had a lot of fun exploring  the large motor room! There are many things to do in that room, such as, climbing , swinging, sliding, walking the balance beam and “riding in a boat”.

Having fun in the Gym

Hello up there!


We are off to a beautiful learning journey together!   Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.
Happy to be at school!

Ms. Denise and Ms. Sandy

Upcoming Dates:

Thursday, October 6 – No School – Teacher Institute
Thursday, October 13 – Picture Day

Thursday, October 20 – No School - Parent/ Teacher Conferences