Friday, September 30, 2016

Ms. Patti and Ms. Meg M-Th Knoch Knolls Pre-K

Welcome to Pre-K at Knoch Knolls Nature Center!  We are off to a great start!  The first few weeks were filled with fun getting to know each other, our school and learning our daily routine!  We explored lots of walking paths outdoors and found many things to investigate!
First day of school!
We started the school year by talking about the letter A and the sound it makes.  We also learned about apples, ants and acorns.  We played games with dice counting apples, made apple trees and painted with acorns.
Parts of an apple.

Apple counting game.

Volcano apples.

Painting with apples.
We had an apple orchard in
our room!

Ants on an A log.
We put honey on the letter A outside.  We wanted to see if we would have any 'customers'.  The next day, there was no honey left.  We didn't see what ate it but something had a yummy treat!
1st day we put honey out.

2nd day there was no honey left.

We are also working on engaging in active play using gross and fine motor skills.  Also using eye hand coordination to perform tasks and using writing and drawing tools with some control.  Some of the things they did was to made self portraits for their journal and wrote about what they like about school.
Making homes for little dinosaurs.

Making homes for big dinosaurs.

How long can we make it...
team work!!!
Building fun.


The sensory table is always a fun place to share ideas and work together with friends.
Sorting bugs.

Playing in a pond inside.

It is nice to have preschool at The Nature Center!  We learned about butterflies, turtles, salamanders and more from our naturalists (and Ms. Patti and Ms. Meg!).  We love to plan and carry out simple investigations.  We are learning to show respect for living things and understanding that living things grow and change.
Butterflies just came out
of their crystalis.

We got to put the baby turtles in the creek!

Found an osage orange outside.  Brought
it inside and learned about it.

 We met 'Tiger" the tiger salamander.
We can't touch him.

Only look, quietly.

We fed him a worm!

Then we made slime that looked like a salamander and many other things!

 Outside is a favorite time of our day!
We love trees!

Eating on the deck.

Snack fun!

Climbing with friends.

Swinging and talking.

We went on a field investigation.  When we do this, we think about what we see, hear, smell and feel. Sometimes we like to use magnifying glasses when we do our investigations.
Found a caterpillar.

We are keeping an eye on a

Looking for ants.

We can see the water in the
river through the cracks!

Writing with sticks.
We collected all kinds of wild flowers, etc. outside!  It was a lot of fun to use scissors and cut them.  Then we used all our goodies to paint with.  Nature is exciting!!!!
Finding the perfect thing!

Cutting it just right!

Painting a masterpiece!
Thank you so much for trusting us with your wonderful children.  We have seen their comfort level grow as they begin to make new friendships and explore their new environment.  It's going to be a fun year!

Important dates to remember:
         October 6     No School (Teacher Institute)
         October 10   No School (Columbus Day)
         October 31   Halloween fun
      Picture day will be in November.

               Ms. Patti and Ms. Meg