Thursday, September 29, 2016

Ms. Theresa and Ms. Susie Pre-K RCC

Looking for our snap words with our letter wands!

 September 2016

It has been such a pleasure getting to know your child!  This month has quickly passed and we cannot believe October is about to begin!  We have learned many new things and are excited to share them with you!

We introduced the letter A to the children.  We have talked about many words that begin with the letter A and we have talked about the sound the letter A makes.  We also introduced our snap words that begin with the letter A.  We have enjoyed looking for these words in books during our reading time.  We use special reading wands to help us.  The wands have a snap word written on them.  It is very exciting when we find a word we have learned!  Be sure to ask your child about our wands!  

Writing words on our new dry erase table.
We have had lots of fun discovering our new classroom!  We have enjoyed practicing writing words on our brand new dry erase table which is found in our writing center.  We have also been practicing writing our names.  We introduced journals and the children enjoyed decorating their journals.  We will be writing in our journals many times throughout the month.  We just completed our first journal entry.  We wrote about apples!  We also made a letter A alligator that we put in our journals.  It was lots of fun!

Apple cider for sale!

We have also enjoyed playing in our dramatic play area!  We enjoyed pretending we were running an apple shop for the first two weeks and enjoyed playing in the kitchen this week.   It is so much fun to listen to the children interact with each other!  They have the most amazing conversations and they also make excellent apple cider!

Follow the path to our new indoor playground!
Having fun on the balance beam.

Just hanging around in our indoor playground!

Another area we have enjoyed exploring is our new indoor gym.  We love to play on the monkey bars, walk on the balance beam and make awesome structures with our giant blocks!

Walking to the park.
We even went on our first walk to the park! The children did an amazing job listening to directions and staying safe on our walk.  We loved playing at the playground!

Fun at the playground!

We will also be introducing a number each week.  We call this number talk!  The last few weeks we have talked about the number one.  We have shown the children what the number one looks like using different items including the number word, tally marks, base 10 blocks and in a ten frame.  We have also worked on number recognition by playing fun math games.  We especially enjoyed our apple tree counting.  We roll the dice, count the dice and then we put the corresponding number of apples on apple trees.  We also have worked on patterning with apples.  We have worked on AB, ABB. ABC patterns.  

Numbers, numbers everywhere!

We have been busy investigating apples this month.  We have talked about characteristics of apples.  We have cut them open and discussed the different parts of an Apple.  We have made predictions and completed an apple sink or float experiment.  We also have put apples in different liquids to see what would happen to the apples.  We have enjoyed making daily observations.  We also talked about the life cycle of an apple and how a tiny seed can make an apple tree.  The children are all excellent scientists!

Super Scientists!

Sink or float fun!

Investigating apples.

We have many exciting things planned for the month of October!  We will be learning about the letters, F,L, P and H. We will be introducing new snap words throughout the month. Our number talk will be about the numbers 2,3 and 4.  We will be talking about fire safety, studying leaves and pumpkins.  We will also be having a special class on Halloween.  More information on Halloween will be going home soon.  We will also be sending home information on our mystery readers.

Please be sure to check your child's folder.  We recently sent home the October calendar. This will give you some important dates and information on what we will be studying each week.  Please feel free to send any notes to us in your child's folder.  We check every morning and respond as soon as we can.

Thanks again for all of your patience with picking up and dropping off your children!

  Ms. Theresa and Ms. Susie