Thursday, September 29, 2016

Ms. Caryn and Ms. Michelle 4's MWF Knock Knolls

   Our Knock Knolls MWF 4 year old class is off to a great start. Orientation was a wonderful time to meet all our new friends and their families. The first week of class we mainly focused on getting to know each other and becoming acquainted with our new surroundings and daily routine. They are already experts at finding their mushroom name tag and signing in.


    The children really enjoyed working on their self-portraits, and began to practice writing their names on their work. There have been many wonderful stories shared by the children explaining their drawings of themselves and their families.

    Circle time is one of our favorite times of the day. First, everyone finds their spot on our comfy alphabet rug. We talk about the weather outside, the month, the days of the week, and then count together all the way up to the date of class. The children love clapping and singing the “days of the week” song. During the first two weeks of class, we introduced the children to the letter “A” and the sound it makes. We talked about words that start with “A” and read books about “ants” and “apples”.

    For science, the children learned all about the different parts of an apple. We talked about the many colors that apples can be and colored our very own apples to glue on to our apple trees. After getting comfortable in the classroom, we ventured outside for some nature hikes. We talked about “fall” and observed the plants, trees and animals all around us. We ventured over the bridge and found a great field to run and play.

    Art projects have been a huge hit with the children. They loved finger painting an apple tree and using apples as stampers. Hopefully most of the paint was on the paper and not their clothes.

    In the past two weeks, the children have done a great job creating friendships and sharing toys with each other. We never have a quiet or dull moment during play or snack time. The sounds of laughter and storytelling are already a daily occurrence.

    Everyone enjoys playtime inside and out.

     We wanted to thank you again for being a part of our class this year. We are really excited for all the fun adventures ahead of us and will keep you updated here on our biweekly blog.

Ms. Caryn and Ms. Michelle