Friday, October 28, 2016

Fall Fun in MWF 4's with Mrs. Melby and Mrs. Hristov October 28th

During these two weeks of October, we primarily focused our efforts on the letter P and N.  With that being said we worked very hard to expose the children to that letter, it's sound, formation and words that begin with these sounds throughout each center of our room.  The children had a great time and never even expected that they were "working".

During "P" week, the children played at the pizza parlor in dramatic play. Here is where they took orders, made the pizzas and tended to their customers.  This pizza parlor was so busy.  The children worked on practicing their patience until it was their turn.
Working hard in the pizza parlor
socializing with our friends
At the writing table, we practiced writing our letter in our  ABC book, we also worked on writing and counting the letters in our name.
Practicing our letters.  No worries the table is dry erase.

We also worked very hard when we drew ourselves on pajama day in our journal.
During the week, we had a fall sensory table with different P items hidden in it.  On Monday, we asked the children to seek out and draw all the things that started with the letter "P".  The children really enjoyed the challenge so we did it again later in the week with the alphabet.  They were so eager to find and write or draw about all the different items that they found.
searching for all the "P" items

drawing what we found in the sensory table

At the block center this week we had the pirate ship out and we created with Popsicle sticks.  These Popsicle sticks had Velcro on each end so that they could stick together and build with them.  We also worked on floor puzzles.  The children worked together very well to put these together.  It was so amazing to watch how they used their words so that they can accomplish their task at hand.

working together to put the alphabet puzzle together
 At the math and manipulative table we were so very busy!  We practiced our patterning skills with Popsicle sticks.  In addition, we not only practiced on our numbers when we created our very own number book we also strengthened the muscles in or hands when we punched the corresponding holes on each of the pages.  The children focused and worked very hard to complete their books.  If their hands got tired we used our fine motor skills to peel and stick little stickers to each of the pages instead of punching holes.
patterning with Popsicle sticks

creating our number books

At the art table we painted with pom pons, purple and pink paint, created puffy paint pumpkins and collaged letter P's with all things pink and purple.  It was a great week to paint!!
painted with pom pons
painting our pumpkins with puffy paint

painting with pink and purple

We ended P week with a Pajama Day that we all enjoyed so much.  It was a busy day and everyone was so happy to do everything that we had planned.  At circle time, we played a game with a "bedtime bag".  This is where items that we use to get ready for bed were in  a pillow case and the children were then asked to reach into the bag without peeking and guess what they felt.  When everyone had a chance we then placed all the items that were in the bag on the floor and would take one or two away. The kids then guessed what was missing.  No matter what we did they couldn't be stumped!  They always knew what was missing.

reaching into the bedtime bag

what's missing?

We played a matching pajama number game...

We put together cereal box puzzles on the sticky easel...

We cut out and decorated our pajamas that we were wearing..

The kids worked on their fine motor skills when they strung fruit loop necklaces...

We had so much fun when we put our "special friend" on the parachute and gave them a ride.

We read stories to our friends..

Mrs. H read us Goodnight Moon

On letter N week, we read nursery rhymes like Humpty Dumpty, Itsy Bitsy Spider and Hey Diddle Diddle.  We talked about what a rhyming word is and worked on recognizing them.  In addition, we talked about what sequencing meant and we worked on sequencing each nursery rhyme. 

Sequencing our nursery rhymes
Working on rhyming words in our nursery rhymes

 In dramatic play the children played in the nurses office.  There the kids took turns being the nurse, receptionist or patient.

In the block center, we played with the marble run where the children worked both independently a and together to create different marble mazes.

At the art table, we painted and strung noodles, cut out our letter N and collaged it, painted at the easel to find our mystery letter, made our own humpty dumpty, paper plate spider, and marble painted a spider web.  It was such a busy week!

painting to find the mystery letter
creating our very own itsy bitsy spider.
printing our numbers in play dough

cutting our letter of the week
marble painting a spider web

At the manipulative table we worked on our numbers when we played with the number peg puzzle and the elephant links game.
working on one to one correspondence when we play the elephant link game or the number peg puzzle.

practicing numbers and counting at the easel
Looking ahead:

October 31st , 2016-        Halloween - Children come at normal time (in costume if they want).  Day is shortened.  Parents come at 10:45 for a short performance, class picture and to decorate a pumpkin.  Parents may take your child after you are done decorating.

Getting ready for Halloween by carving our class pumpkin

November 16, 2016 - No school - Teacher Institute
November 23 & 25th - No school - Thanksgiving Break

The children are playing, socializing and learning new things every day.  We have such a wonderful group of children who always come to school with a smile on their face eager to experience what we have planned for them.  Thank you for allowing us the wonderful opportunity to spend this time with them.  

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to call us or we can set up a time to meet.

Thanks again,
 Mrs. Melby and Mrs. Hristov (Mrs. H)