Thursday, October 13, 2016

Knoch Knolls Pre-K M-TH Ms.Patti & Ms.Meg

October 1-14

October has begun in the Pre-K class!  We are all excited about all the changes outside and inside our classroom!

We started this month by introducing the letters F and L in Language Arts.  On our word board, we thought of many words that start with F and L. . . like fish and leaves.  We are working on our snap words. . .stop, go, I , will, and sit. Our favorite books were Rainbow Fish and Scarecrow Boy. Our journals are filling up as we add the letters of the week. 

In Science, we learned about the different parts of a fish! We also learned about the many shapes and sizes of leaves. We really loved getting to see the naturist feed the fish in the big tank. We all agreed the food smelled awful!

 In Math, we counted and sorted fish, but our favorite activity was graphing goldfish crackers (and eating them)! We counted all the different leaves we collected outside.

In our Sensory table, we had our very own pond with fish and frogs to balance on lily-pads. Then it changed to little pumpkins and leaves to scoop up. 

We all had a great time in Dramatic play. We had our own lake. We had magnetic fish and poles to catch a lot of fish!

In Art, we made fish prints with rubber fish that got a little slippery when wet! We also made our own Rainbow Fish. For the letter L, we made beautiful fall paintings that we put in our journals. 

Our class is very excited about the upcoming weeks. We are watching the leaves change and love being outside to explore.

 -Ms. Meg & Ms. Patti
Dates to remember:
            Halloween Celebration- October 31st
            Picture Day- November 3rd