Thursday, October 13, 2016

Ms. Caryn and Ms. Michelle 4's MWF Knock Knolls

Dates: September 26th through October 7th

    Hello again. During the last two weeks of class we finished talking about letter “A” and introduced the letter “F” by making new friends with our neighbors in Mrs. Kort and Ms. Charity’s 3 year old class. After that, the children had so much fun tasting three different kinds of apples and voting for their favorite one. Then we practiced counting apples and waiting in line at our very own apple shop.

   In language arts we are working on identifying the letters in our names and placing them in the correct order. On our nature hike we looked for the letter “F” on signs and found a frog friend.

We read many books about fish and learned some fun fish facts. We also introduced our new class pet and decided to name him Cosmo. Everyone is excited for their turn to feed him.

   For math we made play dough fish and added colorful scales. The children did a great job counting up to 10 scale beads while they played. During circle time Ms. Michelle showed everyone our new list of classroom jobs. The calendar helpers are doing a wonderful job leading the class in counting each day.

   For science and social studies we created our very own inside pond to fish from. The children had so much fun catching, cooking, counting and pretend eating fish. We talked about the different parts of a fish and looked for fish outside. Our sensory table with water and slippery fish was a big hit.

   Art projects abound in our class. We hope you liked the beautiful apple trees and rainbow fish that the children worked very hard on. We use many different techniques (painting, stamping, cutting, gluing, etc) to create our art that helps the children develop their gross and fine motor skills.

Hopefully, the children have been coming home with stories to tell you about all the new things they are learning and fun they are having.

Ms. Caryn and Ms. Michelle