Friday, October 28, 2016

Mrs. Boyle & Mrs. Smith 4's MWF @ RCC

 In Language Arts we have been busy with letters N and C, learning the sounds and describing things that begin with C & N.   We built nests for the letter N and cars for the letter C.  We also continued to play our sorting letters game that really helps us to identify the beginning sound.

A love for books and reading starts early, so we are reading as many books as we can.   Some of our favorite books in the last few weeks include The Day the Crayons Quit, The Day the Crayons Came Home, and Clifford the Firehouse Dog.  We have also begun to look at books independently in the reading center.
Excited to say the C sound and make our cars!

N is for Nest.

Enjoying some a good book.

In Math, we continue to learn the names of colors, sorting, and basic shapes.  We used different shapes and built our own fire trucks.  We talked about different colors and which color was our favorite. After voting, we graphed our results, and it appears that pink was the most popular with blue coming in as a close second. 

We had fun learning about the numbers 5 & 6.  Six was an exciting number to learn about because it is a whole hand of fingers plus one more.   We also enjoyed putting out “fires” (made up of shaving cream and chalk) in our sensory center.  They are beginning to learn to recognize basic written number and had to spray the water bottle the number of times that corresponded to the number on the card they pulled to help put out the fire.  This was a big hit and everyone was able to get a turn.  This activity helped us with fine motor (building our finger muscles for writing), math (counting), cooperative play (taking turns and being a good friend), and we had lots of fun doing it! We also had the chance to build a fire truck puzzle reinforcing the numbers 1-10.

Math is so much fun with crayon dice.

Building our firetruck puzzles.

In Science, we introduced the colors Blue and Orange and enjoyed matching objects by color.  We also continued to discuss the changes in the weather.  It’s amazing how in tune they are to the changes in the weather.  

We were also able to do a few experiments.  One awesome experiment was called Colors on the Move. It is a simple experiment with milk, food coloring, and liquid soap. When we added the food coloring to the milk it floated to the top and did not mix with each other.  But then we added just a drop of the liquid soap to the mixture, the color disbursed, moving around the plate.  The kids loved watching and taking a turn making the colors move around the plate.   In the end, we were able to make the colors blend and become tie-dye.

Colors not mixing!

Color on the move with a little dish soap.

Everyone gets a turn!

Watching the colors move is just as much fun as making them move.


In Art, we made our own blue paint and painted blue birds.  We realized that our own paint was a little gel like and didn’t paint the same as store bought paint, but was still fun to use.   

We also drew self-portraits and did such an amazing job that Mrs. Boyle and Mrs. Smith changed the bulletin board in the hallway and put them up for everyone to see. 

We also had free art where we finger painted flames, and created our own A+ masterpieces.  We have some talented artists in our class, all of our A+ masterpieces were  so creative, unique and beautiful! 

We are so proud of our self portraits.

Artists at work.

So cute!

Making our A+ pictures.

Our Self Portraits make our bulletin board complete!

 In Social and Emotional, we continue to engage in cooperative playgroups.  We built “fires” in the block center and were able to use teamwork to put out the fires.  We were great firefighters.  In Dramatic Play, we had two weeks of fun, playing Vet and Fire Department. We have great imaginations and love to pretend!  We also had an impromptu freeze dance party. We had so much fun trying to stand still when the music stopped. This simple but fun activity teaches the kids rhythm, coordination, teamwork, and self- control.

We also played stop, drop and roll. We learned what to do if our clothes ever caught fire.  We are learning to be kind to each other, help our classmates, and encourage them to be successful.  We also are continuing to learn how to verbalize appropriately to our peers when we get bothered by someone’s actions.  We are becoming better communicators and leaders. 

Impromptu freeze dance party.

Fire fighters putting out fires together.

Sensory table fun.

Fire fighters need teamwork to put out fires together.

The Vet Shop was busy with sick pets.

In our Gross Motor room, we have enjoyed playing on the monkey bars, slide, and building bridges with our blocks.  The excitement for the new equipment in the room is palpable!  We added hopper balls, bowling, and colorful cones.  These new added treasures allow more learning, team building, and good sportsmanship opportunities. 

Cheering on our friends bowling!

Hopping good time in Gross Motor Room.

Races with hoppers and dinosaurs.

You just can't help but smile in the Gross Motor Room.

We had picture day during these last two weeks. We took our own photos of our class and wanted to share them.  We hope you enjoy our silly pictures and smiling pictures!

Silly photo.

Smiling photo.