Sunday, October 16, 2016

Mrs. C. and Mrs. Walsh Seager 3's Oct. 14

A couch full of friends
We had our first fire drill! At circle time we talked about what we do and don’t do when there is a fire, whether at home or at school.  We stressed that it is the fireman’s job to put out the fire and the children’s job to get out of their home fast without stopping to take their favorite toy, blanket or their pet.  When they heard a teacher say fire, they quickly moved to the door and used fast walking feet to go to our meeting spot, which is the basketball court, where they sit on the ledge for a head count.   A couple of children were a little reluctant to leave.  Some children thought skipping and repeating “it’s a fire,  it’s a fire” was the best way to practice and others decided they were just going to take a slow walk and check out what the landscapers were doing along the way.  Our goal is under 2 minutes….we still have a little work to do. We will continue to practice throughout the school year.
During letter I week  the children matched upper and lower case letters using tree cookies.

The felt story board was in the library for ice cream cone stacking.  After counting the dots on the laminated cones, they used tweezers to place the correct number of pom poms ( ice cream scoops) on the matching cones.

Felt cones

                 Matching ice cream scoops to the correct ice cream cone.

In small groups, the children worked on their first page in their journals  by putting stickers on the first letter of their name.  Paper plates, straws and construction paper filled the sensory table for cutting practice.  A star sticker on the thumb hole helped to identify where to place their thumb  and to encourage them  keep the sticker pointing up to the sky.  
Tracing with their fingers, peeling and sticking, lots of fine motor skills.

Cutting practice

The dramatic play center became  an apple market. Children weighed, bought and bagged their apples.  During circle we sorted the apples by color, tallied the results and  enjoyed them for snack.   Some apples were used for the children to try their hand at using the apple peeler/corer.  They measured the long apple skins and then took them outside to hang on the bushes for animal treats.
Apple peeling

Apple skin measuring

Apple skin hanging

We read an interactive felt story, 10 Apples Up On Top.  After the story the children could retell the story using the numbered apples, placing them in order.

                                                                       Apple art

The children got an up close look at an ant farm.  The blue gel is the ants source of food. It is easy to tunnel thru and lets the children see the tunnels clearly.  We learned that ants have 6 legs and they don’t have lungs like other animals.  They breathe through tiny holes in their body. 

Those ants sure move fast

Great weather for field games

Great weather for.....climbing and getting stuck.

Oct. 20--conferences
Oct. 25--Picture day
Oct. 27--Halloween fun

                                                         Have a fantastic weekend
                                                          Mrs. C. and  Mrs. Walsh