Saturday, October 1, 2016

Mrs. C. and Mrs. Walsh Seager 3's Sept. 30

Welcome to Tuesday-Thursday at Seager!   The first few weeks of school  is all about gaining independence, knowing that separation is OK, and Mom, Dad or caregiver WILL be coming back..
It is also a learning time for us teachers as well.  We  know not to put activities out ahead of time, because with coat and backpack still on  they just head straight for the different centers. They all want  to be the first to put on goggles, grab  money in the cash register or  pick their favorite car or pony.

The classroom helpers job is to count classmates, pick out the weather for the day and help with the calendar.  We introduced the letter "M", the sound it makes and things that start with M. In small group we strung large letter cubes, reviewing colors and then counting how many they strung.

We read the Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn.  It is about a raccoon who was  afraid to go to school,  but a kiss in the palm of his hand assured him that his Mom was close by.  The children then made a hand print  and added a sticker heart. Fall colors were at the easel for free art  and they created a hand print class tree on a piece of plywood. A pumpkin cutout, orange and yellow paint and  a few marbles made for some cute marble painted pumpkins.
Painting with marbles

Hand print tree

Fall colors

The children sorted bug and bear counters  by color using tweezers and  scooped pasta in the sensory table. We're  not too sure what they liked more, using the little dust pans and brooms or hearing the pasta crunch under their feet.

The magnetic tiles were used for building and stacking, and ball coasters  for experimenting with different size balls and ramps. They quickly learned that if the ball was getting stuck to try a smaller one.
It is THIS tall

                  We got outside for a couple of short hikes and played at the playground.

 Everyone seems to be settling in, finding their way around to their favorite activities, making friends and knowing where they can get a little quiet time off on their own if they need it.

                                               Nothing like a comfy chair and a good book

 Dates to remember:                                            Enjoy your weekend
No school Oct. 6                                                Mrs. C. and Mrs. Walsh
Conferences Oct. 20                                          
Picture day Oct. 25
Halloween fun Oct. 27.  Please join us at 10:30 for songs and pumpkin decorating.