Sunday, October 16, 2016

Mrs. C. and Mrs. Walsh Seager 4's Oct. 14

Welcome October and some beautiful Indian summer weather  

We had our first fire drill.  When the children hear a teacher say fire, they quickly walk to the basket ball court.  They sit on the cement ledge and we count heads.  We did it in just under a minute.  We will do a drill each month.  We had a visit from the Humane Society to talk to the class about dog safety.   Kristen brought her stuffed Huskie along.  Each of the children were given something to hold relating to the care of a dog.  During a story when the children heard their particular  item they were holding, they gave it to the dog.  Kristen  informed the children how to approach a dog and where they like to be petted. She stressed that they could only approach a dog with their parents and dog owners permission.  When we are at school and we see a dog, we are to stand as still as a tree and let the dog and his owner pass.

Learning helpful information from the Humane Society

Taking advantage of the nice weather, we spent an entire morning outside.  We set up an outdoor kitchen and had books on a blanket for some quiet time.  Contact paper was on the outdoor easel for creating  a nature collage.  Construction vehicles along with  buckets and shovels were in the log area.  Smaller logs were rolled over to look for anything that crawled.  We took their journals out where they could work on the letter of the week.  Snack started outside, but we ended up moving inside because the bees were just as hungry and the children.

Grilling up lunch
Enjoying a little reading with a friend
Sticky paper nature collage

Working on our journals
Using a digger truck to look for bugs

All aboard the log train!
Little men having big discussions,

Bothersome bees......
We concentrated on the letters 'I' and 'A'.  Instead of signing in on their name cards, they chose their favorite flavor ice cream scoop and wrote their name on  it.  They placed their scoop on the matching cone and then tallied up their choices.  Vanilla was the winner.  In small groups they matched upper and lower case letters using laminated cone and scoop cards.  They used tweezers for a finger work out to place pom poms on top of numbered ice cream cones for number recognition and one to one correspondence.

Matching upper and lower case letters
Counting scoops on cones
 At the free art table they used kitchen scrubbers to stamp black and orange spiders to make a pattern and gave them eyes and legs. As a class, they created hand print sunflower art on a piece of plywood.
Splat spiders

Sunflower art

The children got an up close look at an ant farm.  The blue gel is the ants source of food. It  is easy to tunnel thru and lets the children see the tunnels clearly.  We learned that ants have 6 legs and that they don’t have lungs like other animals. They breathe through tiny holes in their body. If an ant should die in one of the tunnels, another ant will carry his body up to the top of the ant hill so the tunnel stays clean and disease free.

Letter A week brought us plenty of apple activities.  The apple market was open for business, where the children weighed, bagged and purchased apples.  We grouped them by color and passed them around to see the star shape in the middle of a cut apple.
                                                       Circle time apple exploring

As a class we wrote down the steps needed to make applesauce.  The children took turns using the peeler/corer and chopped them up.   After adding a little sugar and cinnamon, they were cooked in the microwave and  gobbled up at snack time.  The long skins were measured, draped around heads and eventually put on the bushes for the animals to enjoy.


                                        Apple skins around our head and on the bushes.

After reading 10 Apples Up On Top, we walked around the room balancing bean bags on our heads.

The children made black play dough, taking turns measuring, pouring and squishing it until it was just the right consistency.  They used  pipe cleaners and wiggly eyes to make spiders, alien jellyfish and a rock with eyes.

We closed out the week by raking leaves, piling them in the parachute and tossing them up in the air.  We are hoping for more leaves to fall  next week.  One child volunteered to bring his leaves from home if we need more!!

Dates to remember:
Oct. 24--Fire Dept. visit
Oct. 26--Picture day
Oct. 31--Halloween fun

                                                          Have a fantastic weekend

                                                          Mrs. C. and Mrs. Walsh