Sunday, October 30, 2016

Mrs. C. and Mrs. Walsh Seager 4's Oct. 28

                                                           HALLOWEEN FUN

Spider toss


We wrapped a mummy (A.K.A.) Mrs. Walsh
Thank you for joining your child for some Halloween fun.  They sang a song  and recited a short, but not so spooky story.  In class they hammered golf tees into pumpkins and played pass the pumpkin to halloween music.  The children played pin the nose on the jack-o-latern and wrapped Mrs. Walsh up like a mummy.

Letters F and G were our letters of the weeks as we closed out the month of October. We had a visit from Diane along with her service dog Mina and Neptune the fire truck.  Each of the children were able to sit in the driver’s seat with Mina sitting in the seat next to them.  The following week we were expecting a visit from the Naperville fire department,  however they were called to an emergency.  We did the next best thing and read a story about firemen and their special equipment,  made our own fire hats and practiced a fire drill.



The letter F was taped to the table and the children used fingers or tweezers to trace the letter with small frogs.  Small groups played letter bingo for letter recognition  and worked in their letter book.

Working on our letter books
Frogs on the letter
We went on a mushroom hunt and found several large specimens. They were as big as a volleyball, others looked like fairy umbrellas and some resembled stairs growing out from the side of trees.  
 We discussed conditions that help mushrooms grow.  Mushrooms like it cool, rainy and shady.

Stair mushrooms

 In the classroom we read the book,   A Mushroom In The Rain by Mirra Ginsburg.  The story is about small animals looking to get out of the rain by hiding under a mushroom.  At the end of several rainy days, the animals wondered how they were all able to fit underneath.  It wasn’t a small mushroom anymore.  What caused it to grow so big?  As a class, the children decorated a mushroom then added animal stickers under the mushroom cap. 

The children enjoyed lego math, working on number recognition and one to one correspondence.  They counted out sunflower seeds and placed them on the corresponding numbered pumpkin. After rolling the dice the children placed the correct number of spiders on the spider webs.  Lacing ghost shapes required some eye hand coordination and a finger workout. 

How many spiders?
How many sunflower seeds?
Lacing shosts

Lego math

The mega building blocks are always a fun building tool. Their designs started out looking and acting  like swords or guns, however, when questioned what they built, their designs quickly become a satellite, video camera or a skinny robot.

We went  hiking on  the secondary trail, as the children call it “into the deep woods.”  We took a laminated map with us and noted trail clues along the way.  They marked the spot where we left  apples for the animals, where they found mushrooms, the fallen  tree with the giant roots and where the stream was located.  We stopped along the way to balance on logs and eventually found our way back to the gravel path. Before heading back to our classroom we collected the largest leaves we could find and turned them into ghosts by painting them white and adding eyes.  


                                   The children enjoyed a Halloween scavenger hike.

We think we found everything on the list.

Thank you for ordering scholastic books this past month, we were able to get 12 free books for the children’s library.  
                                                 Enjoying some new books  in the library

 Picture day went well.  We should have them back mid November.


                ENJOY YOUR WEEKEND
              MRS. C. AND MRS. WALSH