Friday, October 14, 2016

Mrs. Kort and Mrs. Charity T/TH 3's Knoch Knolls October

October has been a roller coaster of temperatures for our class.  As we hike, we talk about the changes in the woods, pond and creek now that the weather is getting cooler.  Our class discovered four different kinds of trees and their leaves.
Hiking to find deer using binoculars
Identifying a deer track

This month in Language Arts we introduced the letter “F”.  We learned about firefighters, the season of Fall, farms and friendships.  We read “Little Critter Going to the Firehouse”, "When the Leaf Blew In", "Itsy Bitsy Spider" and “Animal Tracks”.  Our class learned what animal tracks to look for on our hikes. We also began having each child take turns with the Show and Tell Bag.  The object that your child shares with the class will not only help them get to know each other better, but also promote language when they describe what they brought to the class.
Practicing the letter of the week
October is Fire Safety Month and we learned what to do in case of a fire.  We are looking forward to the firetruck visit and practicing our first fire drill.

 At the sensory table, "F" is for fish and our class used their eye hand coordination to fish for many different ocean creatures.   The next week, we put shaving cream with red, yellow and orange powdered tempra paint to create a "fire".  The class used their fine motor skills to manipulate spray bottles of water to "put out the fire".  We then learned that when you mix the colors yellow and red, it makes the color orange.  Our class also used their fine motor skills to remove the kernels from Indian corn with a popsicle stick.
F is for Fishing
Indian corn and oatmeal
Spraying out the fire

In math, we used peg board puzzles to count and identify the numeral.  Our class also enjoyed working with the unifix cubes to follow color patterns and count.
Counting with pegs
Unifix cubes to identify color and count

In art, we used real goose feathers to paint with at the easel.  We collected sticks to use as tree trunks and stamped painted yellow, red and brown with an aluminum foil ball to create a changing leaves effect.  Our class also learned to make orange play dough.
Aluminum foil stamping
Painting with real goose feathers
In science we investigated and identified four different leaves.   We weighed acorns and pine cones that we collected.  Each day we investigated our outdoor class "pet" - a orb weaver spider who has weaved a beautiful web outside our window.   
Weighing pine cones and acorns
Our class pet spider

Making Play Dough

F is for farm animals
Alphabet puzzle
F is for Floam and practicing cutting skills
In dramatic play our class enjoyed performing puppet shows. This week we put out fire hats and firefighter uniforms complete with a popup fire engine.   The class worked cooperatively to "drive" the fire engine across the carpet.
Puppet Show
Learning about firetrucks and firefighters
Tuesday, October 18   -  Visit from a firetruck
Thursday, October 20  -  Parent/teacher conferences.  No regular preschool class.
Thursday, October 27  -  Halloween costumes with pumpkin decorating at 11:10 a.m.

We want each child to enjoy a positive nature experience and the outdoors.  Please remember to dress your child comfortably and prepared for the weather.

Mrs. Kort and Mrs. Charity