Monday, October 31, 2016

Mrs. Kort and Mrs.Charity October 16th-30th TTh 3sKK

Halloween Celebration

Decorating Pumpkins
Eye hand coordination game

Our class had so much fun learning about the Letter P! The pizza parlor was open for business and we baked pizza pies and tried many different toppings.

Ordering a Pizza

The Pet Store is OPEN

Counting pizza toppings

Counting spiders in webs

Matching dominoes

We also got to play in rice to find the hidden piggy tails to match to the same color piggy bottoms.

Finding piggy tails
Finding the hidden bats

In art we got to do our leaf painting with all different leaves and colors.

 When going on our hike we found a wooly bear caterpillar that told us it will be a bad winter this year.

Wooly Bear Caterpillar

Our class especially enjoyed the visit from the firetruck named Neptune as well as Ms. Debbie and her dog, Mina.

Dates to Remember:
    November 3rd - Picture Day
    November 23-25 -  No Preschool.  Thanksgiving Holiday

Mrs. Charity and Mrs. Kort