Friday, October 14, 2016

Mrs. Melby and Mrs. Glass MWF 4's October 14th, 2016

Mrs. Melby and Mrs. Glass
October 3-14th
The land of "T" and "I"

 Our class is adjusting wonderfully to our schedule.  They are making friends and learning  what it takes to be a friend.  It is such an important life lesson to be able to work together to achieve their common goal.  We do so many things each day that are important in your child's development but this is probably one of the biggest.  The art of problem solving and compromise is something that we are continually working on.

In dramatic play, we had the tee-pee and the Ice Cream Parlor.  The children loved scooping out the ice cream to their friends.

The NPD Academy Ice Cream Parlor

At the block center, we put out the trains and the tracks, Magnatiles and dinosaurs.  The children worked together to make the tracks and play trains.  It was amazing how well they cooperated with each other to create their very own train station on the rug.

Working together to make tracks

working with the Magnatiles to create
 During these weeks we introduced the letter T and I.  We talked about their sound and the movement that we make when we make the sound.   Together we brainstormed words that begin with the sound. We do this so we get the children to recognize the beginning sounds of words.  The children are exposed to things that begin with these letters throughout the room.   At the sensory table we  created a car wash and we played with ice and shaving cream.  They had so much fun.

In art, we painted with tennis balls and cars and trucks, ice and powder tempera paint, created Indian corn when we printed with bubble wrap,  and made our very own "inventions".

painting with tennis balls

 We painted with ice and powder tempera paint at the easel
Some painted using two ice Popsicles.  One in each hand!

Creating indian corn when we printed with bubble prints

At free art the children worked on stamping their letter I with insects.
Inventions in the process

In Science, we conducted a disappearing color experiment and we talked about measurement in inches. The concept of inches became more real when they were able to compare their play dough snake to the ruler and cut it in inch sections. 

Measuring our snake to be as long as the ruler

measuring and cutting out one inch sections
We even measured ourselves!
We also looked at insects under magnifying glasses.

At the writing table we always work on our alphabet page with whatever letter we are working on that week.  This week we tried to get them writing in a different medium.  They worked on writing the letter I in shaving cream.  The children really enjoyed the change.

Writing in our alphabet book

So proud

working on the letter I in shaving cream

Some just really enjoyed the sensation of playing with shaving cream.

We also are continuing to build the muscles in their hands so they can manipulate writing utensils and scissors.  Putting on the paper on the easel facilitates cutting so that they don't need to hold it.

At the math table, we worked on practicing our numbers when we rolled dice, creating patterns with links, sorted transportation items, laced letters, and worked on puzzles and tangrams.  They really love using their fine motor skills when they work on these manipulatives.

lacing our letters

making patterns out of links

It takes a lot of patience to work with these small pieces.

We have had a lot of fun and we have learned so much during these two weeks.  We are learning more and more about each other each day.  They are all amazing children and we are so lucky to have them in our class.

Looking forward: Next week letter P

October 31st - Halloween - shortened class period.  Parents are invited to join the class at 10:45  for a short performance, class picture and to decorate a pumpkin.  Parents may take children when you are done.

November 16th - No school Teacher Institute
November  23-25  No School - Thanksgiving Break

Thanks again and if you would like to talk with us or have questions please feel free to contact us to set up a meeting or leave a message on our voicemail at (630) 848-5029.

Mrs. Melby and Mrs. Glass