Sunday, October 30, 2016

Mrs. Nicole and Mrs. Sandy October 17, 2016 to October 28, 2016

Mrs. Nicole and Mrs. Sandy
October 17, 2016 to October 28, 2016

Mouse game.
Apple picking.
It is hard to believe October is almost over. We have been busy practicing some autumn skills. One might ask what autumn skills are. Autumn skills are raking leaves and apple picking. We practiced raking leaves by using little brooms and dustpans to rake leaves off the floor. They had fun picking the apples (tissue paper) off the tree. After we were done picking we would count our apples to see how many we had picked. We also practiced counting by playing the mouse game. The mouse game is where you roll the dice, then feed the mouse cookies. We would count the cookies as we put them into the mouse’s mouth. They would also count the dots on the dice to see what number they rolled.

Cleaning the frogs.
What did you find?
The sensory table was transformed into a pond filled with leaves and frogs. The children had fun digging in the watery leaves looking for frogs. Since the frogs got dirty from splashing in the pond, we decided they needed to be washed. The frogs then were placed in soapy water with toothbrushes. The children had fun using the toothbrushes to clean the frogs’ body and their teeth. Our next place of travel was to the jungle. Mixed in the shredded paper we found frogs, spiders, rates, and snakes. The snakes were the favorite animal found in the sensory table jungle.

Apple print.
Corn cob painting & roller painting.
When we are not traveling to fun places with the sensory table, we were experimenting with painting with different objects. The children made apple prints, apple bushes using dot paint, and paint with corn on the cob. We also painted with rollers and made a leaf collage. The leaf collage was made with contact paper, leaves, and glitter. The glitter was their favorite part. So instead of a leaf collage, we had a glitter collage.

Easel Painting.

We love glittter!

The children also enjoyed playing with farm animals, building with magnetic blocks, playing with play dough, and playing red light green light.

We can't get enough of play dough.
Look what I'm building!

Red light green light.
Who is there?

If you would like to be a mystery reader in our classroom, please sign up on the sheet on the bulletin board outside the classroom.

Team work.

This is how we bowl.

Thank you, for joining us for our Halloween Celebration.

Dates to remember:

November 24           No School Thanksgiving