Friday, October 14, 2016

Mrs. Smth and Mrs. Boyle 4's MWF @ RCC

Welcome back to room 119’s blog! We are now in our second month of school and it is so exciting! The month of October has been packed with learning and fun thus far. Our class has focused on retelling familiar stories, sorting by number and letter, the sounds made by the letters “T, A, and S," likes and dislikes, building with patterns, verbal interactions, and testing our balance and control of our bodies.
Singing is a great way to start our day!

During language arts we have continued to focus on spelling our names, reviewing our letters, and retelling familiar stories. We reviewed the letters T, S, and A, focusing on their sounds and words that begin with each letter. We sorted the letters with our famous apple picking game, the children love apple picking. Each day students rehearsed the letter sounds and took turns thinking of words that begin with each letter. The students have also been hard at work learning to spell their names. Each student has a name puzzle that they are using to help them remember the order of the letters in their names.
T is for tissue paper.
Sifting through oats to find our letters!

In our math class we have been working on writing single digit numbers, patterns, and counting. We went fishing for numbers, and weaved ribbon worms through felt apples.  The class is learning that the number 4 is the same as 4 items. We are continuing to work on what our number symbols really mean. The circle is the shape that we have been exploring. Please encourage your child to see the shapes in the world around them.
Pulling worms through apples helps us count!
I caught a fish!

For the first two weeks of October our science has focused on the colors red and blue. We continue to identify colors in everything that we do. The class has conducted several science experiments. We experimented with sinking and floating, and explored absorption and color mixing. We are also continuing to watch how the weather is changing, and how we adjust our clothing to fit those changes.

Scientist at work!

A team of scientists making observations!

Testing our sink and float predictions.

Art class has been a blast! The children have painted apples, made necklaces, and tissue paper caterpillars.  They have explored colors and some have even mixed colors to create new colors.

Making Caterpillars!
Making caterpillar necklaces!
Creating a masterpiece!

Our social studies class continues to revolve around learning the rules of the classroom, being part of a group, and likes and dislikes. As the children interact with one another each day they develop those much needed social skills. They are also learning that they don’t always have to play where their friends want to play. They make choices about their daily activities based on their personal likes and dislikes.

Discussing ways to play.
Working together to run an apple store.
Each day the class works on their physical development. The children are being challenged to stand on one foot, run, jump, and climb. During the last two weeks we played Hokey Pokey, ran around the gross motor room, and played parachute! The children enjoyed trying to time their motions to keep the ball on the parachute. While we are still working on learning our left from our right, the Hokey Pokey is still great fun and an excellent display of body control!

Having fun can be so exhausting!

Working together to lift the parachute!


Teamwork! Teamwork! Teamwork!


Important Dates

October 31     Halloween Celebration