Saturday, October 1, 2016

Mrs.C. and Mrs. Walsh Seager 4's Sept. 30

Welcome M-W-F Seager students! 

Making New Friends and Reconnecting with Old Friends

Making New Friends and Reconnecting with Old Friends

The class quickly jumped right into our morning routine of  finding their cubbies, washing their hands, tracing their names, and socializing with friends on the rug until circle time starts. Calendar time is more than just learning the days of the week and the months of the year.   After counting classmates they tell us how many are missing.   We chart the temperature, check the rain graph, and see what the mystery missing number of the day is. We discuss the letter of the week and what sight words we will be working on.  We accomplish a lot of learning in the first fifteen minutes of preschool 

To help with the sight word 'me', each child looked at themselves in a mirror and drew a self portrait.They also practiced  writing the sight  word ME on their paper. The class published their first class book, My Fall Leaf.  They picked a special leaf, colored the tile that matched their leaf and dictated why they liked it. Everyone will get a chance to take the book home, share it with their family and return it the next class day.  We will do a new class book each month.
What do I look like?

We played letter tree tag to work on letter recognition and to get their sillies out at the same time.                                                               

Unifix cubes are a great source for patterning, discovering more or less, or just connecting them to fit the length of the table.  Bears and bugs were sorted by color or size using tweezers, for a fine motor workout.   The children practiced number formation by tracing numbers on the wipe off sheets.  Following the numbers 1-20,  the goal was to get the mother bird to her baby birds. Numbered  peg boards were used to match numbers to objects.

We had magnetic tiles out for building. We also had out the marble runs..The children a ton of fun trying  to figure out what size marbles/balls fit in the different runs. They explored magnets, noticing how opposite magnet poles attract and similar ones did not. 


The summer solitude of the trails at Seager park gave way to scuffling feet, enthusiastic voices and curious minds as we took to the trails for the first time as a class.We went on a bark and leaf hunt looking for the perfect piece of bark to write their name on and then added fall leaves and  acorns.  We compared a ruler to a yard stick and  took the yard stick to the stream to measure the water.  One side of the bridge had 11 inches and the other had 5. The had many thoughts as to why their difference in water height. We discovered  fallen leaves that were covered in galls which are spider eggs.  We took 2 of the leaves back to the classroom and put them in a covered magnifying jar.
Beautiful bark art

Measuring the stream


The children's mailboxes are no longer in the hall, so please check their backpacks for art or notes.

Days to remember:
No school Oct. 10

Fire department visit Oct. 24
Picture day Oct. 26
Halloween fun Oct. 31.  Please join us as 10:30 for songs and pumpkin decorataing.

                                                               Have a great weekend
                                                              Mrs. C. and Mrs. Walsh