Friday, October 28, 2016

Ms. Denise and Ms. Sandy MWF 3's Plus at RCC

These past two weeks have been full of a lot of activities! Pumpkin painting, letter tracing and Halloween! The children have done a great job getting into the routine of Preschool.  We are a very active class and we love hands on activities. We keep Ms. Sandy and Ms. Denise on their toes!
How many of us can fit on the chair?

Welcome to our puppet show.

Math has been filled with pumpkins, spiders and numbers, oh my! We matched pumpkin seeds with numbers on pumpkin pictures.  We focused on 1-5 and those looking for a challenge attempted 6-10.  Sequencing was another activity the children could do.  After reading a book about how a pumpkin seed grows into a pumpkin, they had to put growing a pumpkin pictures in chronological order.  The children had to decide what came first, next and last. We also used unifix cubes to explore patterning.  Puzzles are a popular activity in class. The children can’t get enough of putting puzzles together!   They worked alone or as a team.
I put them in order!

Me, too!

Counting with pumpkin seeds

Patterning with unifix cubes

In Circle Time, the children are trying their best to follow the rug rules.  We are all pretty wiggly in the morning. The good news is everyone is on the rug during circle time! By now everyone has had a chance to be a classroom helper in some way.  We have listened to exciting and funny books about pumpkins and fall and have learned a few new songs.  Ask your child to perform the 5 Red Apples song and the 5 Little Pumpkins song.

For Language Arts the focus was on tracing their names and the letter “P”. During large group time, we thought of words that began with the letter P. Then Ms. Denise attempted to draw pictures of the words. She is not Picasso but she did her best! The children traced the letter P using a marker, play dough to mold into letter P and also glued on small pieces of orange paper on a P shape to create letter P!  Then they used dry erase markers to trace their names on their name cards.   Another activity was finding a hidden letter on a piece of paper. To do this the children painted using watercolors and TADA… found a P printed in white crayon on a white piece of paper!  Shaving cream was yet another way to practice writing letters. Who knew tracing letters could be so much fun!

How many words begin with P?
Molding play dough into a P

Rolling out the play dough

Gluing orange paper on a P shape

What a great job!

Tracing our names

Painting with water colors to find the surprise letter.

Art is a popular center for the class. They love to create art and enjoy using their hands. One activity was creating a large pumpkin with our hands and orange paint. Then we created seeds to go on our pumpkin.  Shape stamping and free art were also activities the children enjoyed.

Finger painting to create a large pumpkin
Making seeds for our large pumpkin

Shape stamping

We played with water at the sensory table. The children love playing in the water, “making tea” and “washing” pumpkins and gourds.  We also had scissors and paper for cutting practice and to work on fine motor.

Washing gourds

For Social Studies we discussed the importance of the classroom helpers and how following the classroom rules helps the classroom to run smoothly.  We have also seen a lot of kind students helping each other.

We had a blast in the gym! Going to the gym has been one of the highlights of our school day.  The children did a great job walking to the gym! We are so proud of them! We ran obstacle courses and relay races! The children wait patiently until it is their turn to go.  They really know how to let loose in the gym! The children love climbing on the equipment!  One little guy climbed all the way across the bars! He has inspired many others to do the same.  We also found some new toys in the gym to play with!  We now have a bowling set and some riding bouncy balls. They have done a great job taking turns with the new items.  The kids had so much fun that they didn’t realize they were exercising!

In Science, we did an experiment called “Sink or Float”.  We filled a tub with water about ¾ full. Then we placed different objects into the water to see if they would sink or float.  We tried a paper clip, plastic fork, tooth pick, apple, plastic cup, and paper.  Ask your child to tell you which objects sank and which floated.  Some of the conclusions may surprise you! We also used some of our senses (We did NOT taste them!) and magnifying glasses to observe little gourds.  Some of the words to describe them were-bumpy, smooth, and hard.  The class also enjoyed playing with the gourds in the block area.

Will it sink or float?

Are they sinking or floating?

Observing a gourd

Phew! We have done so much and it's only been a month since we started! Can't wait to see what we do next!

Ms. Denise and Ms. Sandy


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