Sunday, October 2, 2016

Ms. Nicole and Ms. Sandy 2 Plus MW F

Ms. Nicole and Ms. Sandy
September 13 to September 29.

Thank you for enrolling your children in our class. We have enjoyed meeting your children and are looking forward to getting to know them better as the year goes by.

Having fun playing the cow matching game.
The children have been getting to know the schedule and they are getting comfortable with our routine. They enjoy coming in every morning and exploring the classroom.

While the children explore they are also learning. As they build with the wood blocks, we count the blocks. We also practiced our counting by playing the cow number matching game. The cow matching game is when you count the number of dots on the cow and find the matching number. We also play with the pegs. They place them in the board and we talk about colors and 
count the pegs.
Feeding the farm animals.

Should we put the animals in the barn?

Having fun with water.
Look at the fish I caught!
The class enjoyed fishing in the sensory table and talking about the fish they caught. They also loved playing with the farm and building barns for the animals with the blocks.
Cutting up play dough.

Look at me!

The children had fun painting cows, pigs, finger painting, and painting with rollers. They enjoyed making birthday cakes with play dough and cutting the play dough with scissors.

Painting with rollers.

The gym is another fun place for them to play. The children can build, climb, and do the balance beam in the gym.

Going on a boat ride.
Having fun dancing to music.

We have had a great time getting to know our classmates and exploring the classroom!

Dates to remember:

October 10  No School Columbus Day
October 14  Picture Day