Friday, October 28, 2016

Ms. Patti and Ms. Meg T/Th Knoch Knolls 3's

It's hard to believe October is almost over already.  We have been keeping busy learning about the letters P and H.

We talked about fire prevention.  Neptune the firetruck came and visited us!  There were a lot of smiles and excitement as everyone had a turn to sit in the firetruck and pretend to drive!
Everyone took turns in the
pretend firetruck in our room.

We practiced a fire drill.
Everyone did amazing!

Debbie and her dog, Mia came to our
room and talked about fires
and saftey.

The wheels were bigger or as big as most of the class.

We have been busy working on our fine motor skills.  Everyone enjoys learning how to use scissors correctly.  We love to cut!  They are really getting the hang of it!  Their fingers have been keeping busy.
Cutting and gluing.

Watching closely.

Turning pumpkins into

Building and creating.

Lacing and concentrating.

They are really beginning to appreciate and participate in dramatic activities.  Working with each other and near each other, pretending and imagining.
Working together with
the castle.

Talking about their ideas.

Getting the job done!
There are plenty of hungry
children at the pizza parlor!
The children learn a lot by working/playing in small groups with a teacher.  It gives the teacher a chance to challenge each child individually and it's fun for everyone!
Math game using dice and
Halloween stamps.
We have been very lucky with weather so far but please remember to dress you children appropriately as it gets colder outside.  And label everything with their name!  We look forward to being outside and seeing everything change for the fall!  We went for walks and explored the trees and leaves.  The playground is also fun!
Peeking through the hole!

Climbing high!

Our Halloween party was so much fun!  Everyone looked wonderful in their costumes and we love how excited the children were to dress up!  We practiced many times for our performance and everyone did a great job showing our parents and grandparents how hard we worked!

Practicing our songs,
Five Little Pumpkins and
Witches Brew!

Thank you to everyone who joined us!

Please remember:
November 1 - Hat day!  Wear a hat to school today!
November 3 - Picture day!  Wear a smile to school today!
November 24 - No School, Happy Thanksgiving!

Ms. Patti and Ms. Meg