Friday, October 28, 2016

Ms. Patti and Ms. Meg's M-Th Knoch Knolls Pre-K

It's hard to believe October is almost over already.  We have been keeping busy learning about the letters P and H.  The weather has been good for going outside and we got to meet a snake!  Not to's almost Halloween!  It's fun to be in Pre-K!
We practiced a fire drill.  Next month a fire
truck will come visit us!
We explored with different materials to paint with.  We really got our hands dirty and painted our hands black to make a spider.  When it dried, we put the paper and a drop of paint in a box and created a spider web using marbles.  We shook the boxes until we had a crazy spider web for our spider to live on.  Using stickers the spider webs were complete and turned out great!
The paint brush tickles!

Making the web!

Adding the finishing touch!
We used rollers to paint
puzzle pieces.

And our hands...
mixing yellow and red paint.

Their social/emotional skills are evolving everyday.  They are helping, taking turns and developing positive relationships with each other.

Organizing and manipulating blocks
and cars.

Working together.

Pumpkin play dough, sharing
and many conversations!

Making a jack-o-lantern.
Sharing a book at the
listening center.

Pizza Parlor.

Many hungry children.

We have been very lucky with the weather so far but please remember to dress your children appropriately as it gets colder outside.  We look forward to being outside and seeing everything change for fall!
Nature scavenger hunt!

Checking off the items we find.

Helping friends.

Silly faces!




P is for parachute!
20 children playing
with a parachute.

20 children holding the
parachute up as high as
they can.

19 children disappear.

Found them!!!!!

We got to meet Flicker the snake!  Ms. Barb told us all about Flicker!  She even let everyone pet him.  And each child happily did!

We can make a long snake!

The children learn a lot by working/playing in small groups with a teacher.  It also gives the teacher a chance to challenge each child individually and it's fun for everyone!

      Counting and number recognition.


Writing in our journals.

Everyone loves the sensory table!
Water tubes outside.


What is inside a pumpkin?

Washing pumpkins for our Halloween party!!!
We have clean pumpkins and many happy singers!  The have practiced very hard to learn 2 songs for their Halloween celebration Monday, Oct. 31.  Their performance is at 2:15!

Now this is a picture day smile!

Please remember:
November 1 - Hat day!  Wear a hat to school.
November 3 - Picture day! Wear a smile to school.
November 16 - No School, Teacher institute day.
November 23 & 24 - No School, Happy Thanksgiving.

Have a relaxing weekend!

Ms. Patti and Ms. Meg