Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Ms. Theresa and Ms. Susie Pre-K RCC October 14

 October 2016

Learning about the letters F and L

We started the month with the letter F and fire safety week.  We talked about what sounds the letter F makes and had a lot of fun coming up with words that start with the letter F to add to our list.  We added some new snap words that begin with F.  We also added more to our journals this week! We practiced our cutting skills and cut out the letter F and glued feathers to our letters.  We also learned about the Letter L, and the sounds the L makes.  We started a new list of words that start with the letter L.

Story retelling
We have been having a lot of fun listening to stories everyday.  We started learning about listening to a story and then retelling it.  After reading a book together the kids had fun coming up to the magnetic board and putting the parts of the story in order. 
Building with new blocks

We have some new blocks in our classroom.  We had a great time building structures.  It was great to see all the teamwork that went into some of the building!


Fun with patterns

We had a lot of fun counting so far this month.  The kids loved using the clips to show how many pictures were on the page.  We also worked on patterning and had a lot of fun completing different patterns.

Playing outside

We had quite a few nice days so far this month and we were able to take some walks to the outdoor playground.  We had a lot of fun getting outside and we collected some leaves to bring back to our classroom to look at and investigate!  We also had a fun time making some play dough as a class.  Everyone was able to watch and touch it as it was made, and we made a few different colors!

So many fun activities

We have really been enjoying our kitchen in our dramatic play area.  It is so fun to watch the kids all playing and working together.   We have also had a lot of fun at our tables, playing bingo, practicing our names and letters on the dry erase table, playing different math games, making art projects like our fire fighter hats, and even building a very long chain together!
We still have a lot of exciting thing going on during the rest of October!  We will be learning about the letter, P and reviewing all the letters we have learned so far. We will be introducing new snap words. We will be adding more numbers to our number talk.  We will continue studying leaves and learn about pumpkins.  We will also be having a special class on Halloween and we can't wait to see all of the costumes!  We will also be sending home information on our mystery readers, which will be starting very soon!

Please be sure to check your child's folder.  Please feel free to send any notes to us in your child's folder.  We check every morning and respond as soon as we can.

Thank you!

  Ms. Theresa and Ms. Susie