Friday, October 28, 2016

Ms. Theresa and Ms. Susie Pre-K RCC

October 17th-October 27th

Investigating pumpkins!

We have had so much fun investigating pumpkins!  We have also talked about the changes in the weather as we started the new season, fall.  We have introduced a new snap word, look and we continue to review our other snap words everyday.  We have read many books about leaves, pumpkins and Halloween.  We have also enjoyed our mystery readers!  The children are so excited when we have a mystery reader.  They try and guess throughout the day and we give them clues.  So much fun!  We have also been working hard on a song that we will perform on Halloween.  The children are very excited to wear their costumes to school and to decorate pumpkins!

P for pumpkin!
L for ladybug!

This month we have introduced the letters L and P.  We have talked about the sounds the letters make and we brainstorm many words during circle time that begin with the letters.  We enjoy adding new words everyday to our list!  We also enjoy adding a letter each week to our journals.  It is a fun activity to help us with our letter recognition. 

We love writing stories!

Room on a Broom!
We also enjoy making books at the writing table!  The children love to share their stories.  They are very creative!  We encourage them to visit the writing table everyday. The past week we listened to the story, Room on the Broom.  It's a wonderful story about a witch who keeps losing things because of the wind, but gains some friends along the way.  We have enjoyed retelling the story throughout the week.  It has been a wonderful opportunity to discuss sequencing.  Another activity that we really enjoyed was writing about what we would put on our broom.  Be sure to check out your child's journal when you visit on Halloween!


Letter wands!
Another fun activity is looking for our snap words with our letter wands during quiet reading time.  We have added more words this week.  The children are so excited when they find a new word in the story they are reading!  We love to encourage them to read as much as they can!

Pumpkin seed counting!
Patterns and puzzles!
We have been busy counting, patterning and measuring!  We enjoyed showing the children the many ways a number can look.  We have introduced the number written out, with dots and with tally marks.  We have also showed the children what the number looks like in a ten frame.  A fun activity was to match pumpkin seeds with pumpkins.  Some fun measuring activities were measuring how tall our pumpkin was using cubes.  We also measured the circumference of our pumpkin using links. 
Measuring how tall and the circumference of our pumpkin!

Birthday buddies!
Birthday girl!


We love making books!
In our dramatic play area we have enjoyed pretending we had a pizza shop in our classroom.  The children passed out invitations to a pizza party and enjoyed taking turns cutting and serving the pizza.  Yummy!

Pizza Party!
Outdoor adventures.
Parachute play!

Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins!  Pumpkins have been the focus of our science investigations the last few weeks. We have talked about the life cycle of a pumpkin, the different parts of a pumpkin and made many observations about how a pumpkin looks and feels.  The children enjoyed sharing their ideas about pumpkins! 
Scooping fun!

Purple pom pom painting!

Building amazing structures!
Bouncing around!


Looking for letters in our witch's brew!
Mystery readers!
Thank you so much to our mystery readers!  Please be sure to sign up if you are interested.  Any questions please send us a note in your child's folder.  We check every morning and respond the same day.  We are looking forward to our Halloween party on Monday, October 31st.  You are invited to join us at 10:30. 
Ms. Theresa and Ms. Susie