Sunday, November 13, 2016

Mrs. C. and Mrs. Walsh Seager 3's Nov. 11

We concentrated on the letters "O" and "L" for the  first 2 weeks of November. The children can all find their name tags in the morning and we are working on letter and number recognition.   The children did a letter O search dotting each O with dot paints.  Red and yellow paint bags were taped to the table for color mixing as well as tracing O’s. They created tape resist art using the letter L by finger painting over the L and then removing the tape.

Mixing red and yellow
The children made paper plate owls, painting the plate brown, adding feathers and cupcake paper eyes.   They strung cheerios  on pipe cleaners and placed them on the bushes for the birds and squirrels. Our pumpkin had  lots of life left  so we cut one open and the children scooped out seeds, poured them back in and scooped some more. We finished up pumpkin activities by pounding golf teas into the pumpkin.  At the end of the week we rolled them outside and enjoyed watching the squirrels nibble away at them.
Paper plate owls
Stringing cherrios for the birds
Pumpkin pounding
Scooping and dumping
A little something for the birds

A little something for the squirrels
The weather was great for getting outside, playing in the leaves, stuffing a scarecrow and taking some hikes.

The light table was set up in the science center.  Crystal legos and magnetic tiles took on a new look as the light beneath them created vivid colors while being able to look right through them.  Later in the week we added leaves. By using the light table the colors of the leaves and the veins were enhanced.  In small groups, we used legos for one to one number correspondence.
Taking time out from shopping to play lego math.

Leaves were floating in the water table.  They took turns placing small rocks and acorns on top of the leaves to see if they could get them to sink. 
What will make the leaf sink, a rock or a pine cone??
The library shared space with the listening center.  Friends could sit together and sing along with music or listen to a story. We use our listening center a couple of different ways.  The book is sometimes  in the middle and when they hear the “bing” they turn the page.  Other times, it is interesting to watch  the children as they  intently listen to the story.  Without pictures to look at, they are each able to create their own illustrations in their mind.  This week’s book was “Bear Snores On".  A bear in a cave misses out on  his animal friends having a party while he is fast asleep.  When the story was over,  we asked them what kind of bear was in the story, some said" a brown bear, black bear or a polar bear." Some children said it sounded like a grumpy old bear, others said maybe it was a little bear.

Seager supermarket was open for business. A variety of standards are  met by participating a dramatic play. To work on eye hand coordination and  fine motor, the children cut and glued pictures of food items from the newspaper. They took their list to the market and shopped.  Cooperation, role playing, and  taking turns in the supermarket increases their social skills. While shopping for a box of cheerios, pringles and toothpaste it allows them to  identify or “read” the familiar print. Math also played a role as the children grouped and classified boxes as they put items in the pantry or back on the store” shelves. When you child says they just played in the super market today, it was play with a purpose.

Dates to remember:
Last book order for the year due Nov. 21
No school Nov. 24---Thanksgiving break

Have a great weekend
Mrs. Walsh and Mrs. C.