Friday, November 11, 2016

Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Boyle’s 3’s T/Th class

Welcome back! Room 119 has been busy, busy, busy! During the weeks of October 24th, and October 31st we covered so much ground. Our class studied the letters “K” and “E”, the numbers 7 and 8, and the colors white, and brown. We worked on sorting, graphing, writing, counting, and cutting skills.

Getting ready for a stellar performance!

Language Arts is a very important part of our day. The children have been working hard to write their names and identify their letters, and they are also taking an interest in books. We recently opened our listening center for students to listen to books on CD as they follow along. This not only increases their love for books but it also helps to increase their understanding of the connection between written and spoken words. These skills are beneficial to the students as we continue to identify words that begin with our focus letters.

We had our first guest reader!

We love spending time with our guest readers.

Nothing compares to a snack and a good book!


Math lessons continue to work towards understanding the value of numbers. We continue to graph information whenever possible to provide a visual representation, and further explore the meaning, or values of numbers. We have also used bead stringing, ten frames, and number find activities to practice these skills.

I'm matching eggs to practice my numbers.
Counting insects helps my fine motor and math skills.

In science class the students have begun to ask questions and make predictions in a scientific manner. We experimented with erupting pumpkins, absorption, and elephant toothpaste. They enjoyed making predictions and observations with each experiment and comparing the results to their initial thoughts.

We made a pumpkin erupt.

Elephant toothpaste is very cool to watch and touch.

Our focus in art has been working towards adding color to our work. Students are sometimes asked to incorporate a certain number of colors into their artwork. This has resulted in students taking more time with their creations and producing more detailed masterpieces. We have decided to turn our classroom bulletin board into an art gallery to showcase their work.

Painting with sponges.

Look at our new art gallery!

Our class is doing a great job of enhancing their social skills. They are branching out to play with new friends and learning how to handle conflict. We continue to discuss ways to resolve issues and how to read the emotions of others. They are also asked to share their own thoughts and feelings about their day in class. These exercises help students vocalize their feelings and helps them see that their feelings are important to the class. We try to follow these activities with a fun experience such as freeze dancing.

We are still a little shy in front of our parents.

Freeze dancing always makes us happy!

Thank you for taking the time to check in with us. Please visit us every two weeks for a new post.

Mrs. Smith & Mrs. Boyle

Important Dates:

November 23, 24, & 25    No School