Friday, November 11, 2016

Ms. Caryn and Ms. Michelle 4's MWF Knock Knolls

Dates: October 24th through November 11th

     We hope everyone enjoyed the Halloween Celebration as much as we did. The children had the cutest costumes, and they did a wonderful job singing and reading for us all. The last three weeks of class have just flown by. First, we learned about letter H for Halloween and reviewed letters A, F, L and P. This week we introduced the letter N for night and numbers. Here are just a few great pictures of our Halloween Party from before our friends and family arrived.

    In language arts, we have been talking about our feelings like happy, scared and silly, and how that relates to the kind of costume we are wearing for Halloween. We have been focusing on recognizing beginning sounds and letters of words when we hear them. Also,the children are improving greatly on writing their names with the first letter being capital and all the rest lowercase.

In math, we are working on identifying and writing our numbers. The children have been very busy playing counting games like "roll the dice bingo" and "number match."

   In science, we cleaned out the inside of pumpkins and counted some seeds to save. We used our senses and talked about how the pumpkins felt, looked and smelled. We saved one for two weeks and watched how the pumpkin changed as time went by. The children were pretty grossed out by the end. 

      In art, you saw all the beautiful hand puppets the children made to go along with our Halloween performance. We also had fun using stamps that started with the same sounds as our review letters. While working on the letter N, we made beautiful glitter night skies and necklaces.

N for noodles in the sensory table 
  For physical development, many of our art projects were great practice using our fine motor skills. The park and our nature hikes offer endless fun and time to practice our balancing skills. It is also a great time to observe and talk about our science topic of the week. This week for letter N we talked about animals that sleep during the day and are awake at night like owls. We think we found an owls nest inside a tree on our walk. Then back in the classroom, we showed the children a deceased owl that the nature center has frozen for educational purposes. Many touched the feathers and had great questions. Hopefully they told you all about it.  

Ms. Caryn and Ms. Michelle