Friday, November 11, 2016

Ms. Sandy and Ms. Nicole 2's M,W,F

Mrs. Sandy and Mrs. Nicole
November 1, 2016 to November 11, 16

Working in the kitchen.

Look at our bug hats.
The children have had a great time using their imaginations. They got to pretend to be bugs and dress up in fancy jewelry. They also got to pretend to bake cup cakes in the classroom kitchen. Right now the dolls are a big hit. The children enjoy putting them in the high chair and feeding them or just carrying the baby dolls around the classroom.

Hammering golf T's.
Look at all these bugs.
Since we had bugs on the brain, we had bugs in the sensory table. There were bugs, leaves, corn, and beans. The children enjoyed looking for the bugs that were hidden in the leaves. We had fun counting the bugs and talking about the color of the bug. The spiders in the sensory table kept getting out and we never knew where the spiders would turn up. The sensory table did take a break from bugs for little bit. Instead, it had pumpkin guts and a pumpkin the children could hammer golf T’s into. They loved hammering the golf T’s.

Making a leaf wreath.
Color glue and cheerios.
At the art table the children made leaf wreaths and ladybugs. While they were making their ladybugs we would count the number of spots they put on their ladybug. The children also decorated the letter of their first name. We talked about what letter it was and the sound the letter makes. The children also painted with colored glue and then placed cheerios on the glue.
Making lady bugs.

Working together
Playing with magnetic letters.
We have had a busy week filled with counting, talking about letters, and colors. The children had fun singing songs and dancing to music.

Dates to remember:

November 16                        No School Teacher Institute

November 23, 24, and 25     No School Thanksgiving

Couse and effect. What happens when I put the ball on the slide?