Friday, November 11, 2016

Ms. Susie and Ms. Theresa Pre-K RCC

October 31 - November 10

Halloween Party

We had a great time at our Halloween party and hope that all our parents enjoyed the chance to check out our classroom!  We had a great time performing our song and we loved having our parents help us with our pumpkin decorating craft!

Working on letters for our journals

This month we have introduced the letters H and N.  We love learning about the sounds different letters make and coming up with words that start with those letters to add to our list during circle time.  We also enjoy adding a letter each week to our journals. Next time you are in the classroom come check out our journals!

Tracing numbers with cars

Counting people in the cars
We have been working hard on our number recognition and counting.  A fun way to learn how to draw the numbers was to have number roads that we could drive on with matchbox cars.  We also had cars that we could fill with people.  Each car has a number written on the side and we enjoyed figuring out how many people to put in each car.  

Nature walk

Outdoor playground

The weather was still so nice, so we were able to take advantage of it and go outside a few days.  We had a great time on a nature walk looking at the changing leaves.  We also went searching for N words on our hike, and were able to add a few more to our list.  And of course we had a great time playing at the playground and looking for some leaves to bring back to our classroom.  We also discussed how fall is a big harvest time.  

Happy birthday!

Working at the pumpkin farm

We have had a great start to November.  We are really learning to work and play together.  The children love playing in our dramatic play area together and have a fun time playing pumpkin stand.  We are so grateful to everyone for coming out to our Halloween party.  We had a fun time and the children loved showing off our classroom and performing our song that we had been working on.  

Class Halloween Party

We have started talking about Thanksgiving and in the next couple of weeks we will continue to discuss Thanksgiving and what it means to be thankful.  We are so thankful for all of our class and their families!

Ms. Susie and Ms. Theresa

Important Dates:

Wednesday, November 16th - No School, Teacher Institute Day

November 23rd-25th -  No School Thanksgiving Break