Friday, December 2, 2016

Mrs. Boyle & Mrs. Smith 4's MWF @ RCC

Welcome back to room 119's blog!  We have had an exciting few weeks with all our friends at school.  We have learned about the letters “I” and “P” and the numbers 9 and 10. 

In language arts, we have been busy sorting cards by the beginning letter sounds and brainstorming words that begin with “I” and “P”, and with practicing writing the letters “I” and “P”.  We continue to work on recognizing our name and some upper case and lower case letters.  We enjoy the company of our parent volunteers and love the special books they bring to read to us.  We also read many books such as; I was so Mad, Mix-it Up, The Grouchy Ladybug, The Very Quiet Cricket, Pete the Cat A Pet for Pete, Harold and the Purple Crayon, Purplicious, and Llama Llama, Red Pajama.  We loved Harold and the Purple Crayon so much that we created our own Purple Crayon drawings and wrote about them.  We are so proud of the many creative pictures and descriptions that were created. 

 We love our parent volunteers!

 Always great stories are shared with our parents!

 Making patters with our P's.

In art, we have had so much fun making ink blots and telling our friends the picture we saw, painting with water colors to uncover invisible messages (made from chalk, cornstarch and water), creating our own inventions with Styrofoam, feathers, straws, pipe cleaners, and Popsicle sticks.  They were masterpieces and the kids were so proud!  We also painted pine cones and turned them into pineapples, and created colorful peacocks.  Art is definitely a center that everyone loves to visit.

Making our inventions!

In math we enjoyed ice cream cone math, where we rolled a dice and had to build an ice cream cone with the number of scoops that matched the number we rolled.  It was great fun pretending what the flavors of the ice cream were and counting to add the number of scoops to the cone.  Six was their favorite number to roll because of all the different scoops that could be added.  We also had fun making patterns with colored Popsicle sticks, using math manipulatives with ice cream cones, measuring inches of play-dough, using the ten frame and building patterns with unifix cubes.

 Ice cream math, so fun!

Measuring play-dough can be fun!

In science, we did many different experiments and observed different changes in matter.  We had fun making predictions for those experiments using non-standard and standard scientific tools and charting our results. Some of the experiments we did involved soaps,  cornstarch and salt, and different types of packing peanuts. 

Our favorite and messiest experiment was with the different types of substances and added water.  First, we started with salt.  When the water was added to the salt and mixed together with our hands, the salt dissolved into the water.  We slapped our hand into the salt-water mixture and we ended up getting wet.   Next we took cornstarch and water and mixed it together slowly.  We tapped on the top of the surface of the cornstarch and water mixture and it was hard as a rock.  But when we dipped our hands in slowly, and picked up a small amount of the mixture and held it in our hands, the mixture became a liquid and slid through our fingers like water; but quickly turned into a solid form again in the bottom of the water table.  We then added insects to our mixture and watched.  It was like quicksand.  The insects started on top of the cornstarch mixture, but quickly fell to the bottom of the tray.  We played for a very long time in this messy mixture.  While this was messy and was all over the room and so many kids went home with cornstarch all over their clothes and in their hair, this activity was voted the favorite!

 Cornstarch fun and messy!

We didn't want to stop playing!

Over the last few weeks, we have been discussing our feelings and playing an emotional game.  We roll the dice and pick the type of eyes and mouth to make the face complete.  Then we look on our chart and see what emotion the face looks like.  We have had great conversations about our emotions and things that make us scared and sorry.  It was great to have everyone share things that made them afraid or situations they have been sorry about.  It was amazing to watch how much comfort they gave each other and how supportive they were to their peers as they shared about some of the same fears and accidents.
What face will we build?

We also enjoyed having our Pajama day.  We were able to bring our special stuffed animal.  We were able to show our animal and tell our classmates their name and why the animal was so special.  Everyone had a great time and loved that their stuffed animals were able to enjoy the special day at school. 
Pajama Day obstacle course is fun!

Cheering on our friends!

Hopping in the tunnel is so fun!

We have been very lucky to get some unusually warm days over these past few weeks.  We were able to even go to the park one of those days.  We had so much fun walking two by two and being able to play at the park.   We have been teaching the kids to use their words to ask friends to play with them.  They definitely used this skill at the park, playing 'It' and having races.  They also collected leaves together and were measuring the size of the leaves; some of them were as big as their heads.
Such a fun, bright sunny day at the park!

We continue to enjoy our time together in room 119!

Mrs. Boyle and Mrs. Smith

Important Dates:

December 9, 2016 Parent/Teacher Conferences
December 21, 2016 Family Snow Day
December 23, 2016- January 9, 2017  No School Winter Break
January 11, 2016 Classes resume