Friday, December 2, 2016

Mrs. Boyle's & Mrs. Smith's 3's T/Th @RCC

Welcome back to room 119 blog!  We have had an exciting few weeks with all our friends at school.  We have learned about the letters “I” and “P” and the numbers 9 and 10. 

Starting our morning off with some exercise!

In language arts, we have been busy sorting cards by the beginning letter sounds and brainstorming words that begin with “I” and “P”, and with practicing writing the letters “I” and “P” letters.  We continue to work on recognizing our name and upper case and lower case letters.  We enjoy the company of our parent volunteers and love the special books they bring in to read to us.  We also read many other books such as; I was so Mad, Mix-it Up, The Grouchy Ladybug, The Very Quiet Cricket, Pete the Cat A Pet for Pete, Harold and the Purple Crayon, Purplicious, and Llama Llama, Red Pajama.  We loved Harold and the Purple Crayon so much that we created our own Purple Crayon drawings and wrote about them.  We are so proud of the many creative pictures and descriptions that were created. 
Our purple crayon creations

In art, we have had so much fun making ink blots and telling our friends the picture we saw, painting with water colors to uncover invisible messages (made from chalk, cornstarch and water), creating our own inventions with Styrofoam, feathers, straws, pipe cleaners, and Popsicle sticks.  They were masterpieces and the kids were so proud!  We also painted pine cones and turned them into pineapples, and created colorful peacocks.  Art is definitely a center that everyone loves to visit.


So proud of our finished product!

Do you like my hat?

In math we continue to sort objects and learn to describe objects by characteristics.  We enjoyed ice cream cone math, where we rolled a dice and had to build an ice cream cone with the number of scoops that matched the number we rolled.  It was great fun pretending what the flavors of the ice cream were and counting to add the number of scoops to the cone.  Six was their favorite number to roll because of all the different scoops that could be added.  We also had fun making patterns with colored Popsicle sticks, using math manipulatives with ice cream cones, using the ten frame and building patterns with unifix cubes.
Math is so much fun!

 Look, I did the popsicle pattern!

Check out the red, green pattern!

In science, we did many different experiments and observed different changes in matter.   We had fun making predictions for those experiments using non-standard and standard scientific tools and charting our results.  Some of the experiments we did involved soaps, cornstarch and salt, and different types of packing peanuts. 

Our favorite experiment was with the different soaps.  We learned that by microwaving different brands of bars soaps we could get different reaction.  Ivory soap became six times its normal size and became a fluffy foam like white cloud.  It was cool to touch right away out of the microwave.   But when we used the Coast soap, it only fluffed up a little bit and then quickly started to melt, becoming flat and starting to burn like wax.  It was also too hot to touch coming out of the microwave and when it cooled it became hard and stuck the plate, making it very difficult to remove.   
Safe distance from the experiment

Look at the Ivory soap in the microwave!

Over the last few weeks, we have been discussing our feelings and playing an emotional game.  We roll the dice and pick the type of eyes and mouth to make the face complete.  Then we look on our chart and see what emotion the face looks like.  We have had great conversations about our emotions and things that make us scared and sorry.  It was great to have everyone share things that made them afraid or situations they have been sorry about.  It was amazing to watch how much comfort they gave each other and how supportive they were to their peers as they shared about some of the same fears and accidents.

We also enjoyed having our Pajama day.  We were able to bring our special stuffed animal.  We were able to show our animal and tell our classmates their name and why the animal was so special.  Everyone had a great time and loved that their stuffed animals were able to enjoy the special day at school. 

On Pajama day, we encouraged our friends to jump!

We continue to enjoy our time together in room 119!

Mrs. Boyle and Mrs. Smith

Important Dates:

December 22, 2016 Family Snow Day
December 23, 2016- January 9, 2017  No School Winter Break
January 10, 2016 Classes resume