Sunday, December 18, 2016

Mrs. C. and Mrs. Walsh Seager 3's Dec. 16

The first snowfall of the season called us outside for some winter fun. Shovels and buckets in hand, they made snow angels, cleaned up the birdseed bowl mess that the squirrels left behind and rolled snowballs. 
Snow angels
Attempting a somersault in the snow.

The weather did not cooperate for long it was too cold to venture outside. So we decided to bring the snow inside for the children to play with in the sensory table,

Over the past two weeks, we focused on the letters Q and H.  The children used q-tips to dot the first initial of their name and to create  a q-tip mural. We are also very excited that all the children can find their name cards, so we have moved on to tracing their names.  They will continue to do this every morning. The children also worked the small muscles in their hand by placing beads on pipe cleaners.


After reading the Gingerbread Baby, the children decorated their own gingerbread baby with their picture in the middle of the gingerbread baby’s tummy. 

We added the pyramid blocks to the block area. These triangle, pyramid shaped blocks are great for working on spatial awareness, hand eye coordination and problem solving skills. 

In math, they used numbered cards to count objects and clip the clothes pins on to the correct number. Small groups of children played candy land. while doing this they worked on counting, building their patience and being good sports by not cheating.
Playing candy land

We wish you a warm winter break, with lots of laughter, outdoor fun, quiet moments with a good book and mugs and mugs of hot chocolate...whipped cream and sprinkles optional!  See you all on Jan 10, 2017

                                                     Dates to remember
  Dec. 22 family snow day.  Children arrive at the regular time, their special quest joins us at 9:10.

Class resumes Jan. 10, 2017