Saturday, December 3, 2016

Mrs. C. and Mrs. Walsh Seager 3's Dec. 3

              The last 3 weeks of November we focused on the letters T and N. 
Our dramatic center was a campground.  Right outside the tee-pee were logs for stacking to make the perfect fire.  They could cook up some food or roast marshmallows (cotton balls on a stick).  If you traveled just past the campfire, you came to Ted’s Tackle Shop, (yes it was “T” week).   There you could purchase fresh worms (curly pipe cleaners) and walk down to the fishing pond to catch some dinner.

I spy a ladybug and a fly near our campsite.

The basketball court was full of puddles and WORMS. Who would have thought we would be seeing so many worms on Nov. 29? The children picked them up, stretched them and drew circles  around them to see if they would crawl out of their circle.

In their journals, the children traced their hands and colored in their fingers for feathers.  

                                     Making paper plate turkey headbands    

Painting with feathers.

The  number peg puzzles were used  for number identification and number correspondence. 
A number line was stretched across the floor.  The children threw a bean bag then hopped to their number.  A little gross motor along with number recognition. 

In the writing center, they traced zigzag, curvy and straight lines, to work on pre-writing skills. They matched  upper and lower case letters  using tree cookies, and got messy tracing letters in shave cream.

 To work on fine motor, they used a colander and placed feathers and pipe cleaners in the holes.  Oatmeal was in the sensory table for scooping and spilling on the floor, which means they had the opportunity to use the little dustpans.

Thank you for supporting pennies for pies.  The park district purchased 120 pumpkin pies to help make Thanksgiving extra yummy for local families.

Dates to remember:
Family Snow Day--Dec.22
Winter break begins Dec. 23 and classes resume Jan.10, 2017

Have a good weekend
Mrs. C. and Mrs. Walsh