Friday, December 16, 2016

Mrs. C. and Mrs. Walsh Seager 4's Dec. 16

We quickly have gone from short sleeves and no jackets, to snow pants, scarves and heavy coats.  The first snowfall of the season was great packing snow.  The children made a nature snowman, using bark and twigs to make their first Seager snowman.  They hallowed out a snow bowl, and filled it with sunflower seeds. It wasn’t long before squirrels helped themselves.

  We focused on the letters Q and H.  The children created a class quilt by decorating and then signing their name on a quilt square.  They painted using q-tips and used q-tips in the playdough trying to out build each other with q-tip structures.

In the writing center, the children continue to work on their letter books and writing simple sight word sentences.  We put magazines out for the children to copy words from. During group time, we talked about traveling and different was to get somewhere.  We looked at a United States Map and noted places that were familiar to them. “Could we walk, drive a car, or take a plane"?   We graphed using the  “question of the day”chart.  Their question was “what is your favorite way to travel?”
Castle and Hatchimals

Pyramid blocks were in the block area. These triangle, pyramid shaped blocks are great for working on spatial awareness, hand eye coordination and  testing  their problem solving skills. The following week we added the large foam tangram blocks . These flat pieces allowed the children to put shapes together to make new shapes. When combining the 2 different types of blocks the children came up with very unique builds. Their favorite blocks are the magnetic tiles.  They are able to easily build vertically and they definitely attempt to build as tall as they can reach.

Building with pyramid blocks
Tangram bocks
Hard hat area building
 In math, small groups played “numbers up” rolling dice and putting up the correct number pegs.  They also used the counting cards to count object and clip a clothes pin to the corresponding number.  The children enjoyed matching written numbers on a branch to the correct number of owls.

The sensory table was filled with items to create habitats for the frogs, snakes and lizards. Later that week snow replaced the habitat  for snow cone making.

Snow cone anyone?

In the dramatic play area, the fireman/woman hats were placed out. ups were put out and soon the entire room was a “big fire”.  We gave them cardboard tubes, drew flames on the easel and hung a ladder on the post, no real climbing, but they pretended to be busy firemen.

A mom visitor read “the Gingerbread Baby” by Jan Brett.  The children then created their own gingerbread babies.  With sticker eyes and shapes, they let their imagination go wild, which meant that there were zombie and alien gingerbread babies, gingerbread babies with claws and others with bows and star buttons.

We measured a “grow your own gingerbread baby”, dropped him in the water and will measure him on Monday and chart his growth.

Relax and enjoy some time with your family and friends over winter break.  A sure cure for cabin fever is right outside your door.   As 2016 comes to an end we wish you peace and goodwill for 2017.

    "The best and most beautiful things in the world can't be seen or touched.  They must be felt                                                                   with the heart"---Helen Keller 

                                                                 Mrs. Walsh and Mrs.C

                                                  Dates to remember:

Family Snow Day Dec. 21.  The children can bring a special guest to class.  Children should arrive at the regular time and guests will join us at 9:10

School resumes Jan 11, 2017