Friday, December 16, 2016

Mrs. Kort and Mrs. Charity Knoch Knolls T/Th 3's December 16th

Wow! We have been very busy over the last two weeks. The children have been learning so much all while they are exploring nature and having fun with their classmates. 

In Language Arts, we focused on the letters 'S', 'W', and 'D'. To reinforce the letter 'S' we talked about snow and read  The Biggest Snowman. To reinforce the letter'W', we turned a 'W' into a watermelon and read the story Waiting for Winter. To reinforce the letter  'D', we dot painted the letter 'D' and each child's name.. Throughout the month we continued to work on having each child write their name. As the muscles in their hands get stronger it will get easier and easier for them.
Learning about a Snake for the letter 'S'

Numbers, numbers numbers, everywhere you looked this month in Math you saw different number activities.  The children played the game, Feed the Hungry Snowman by rolling the die and counting the corresponding number of snowballs to feel the snowman. The children used tweezers to pick up the snow (cotton balls). They thought it was just for fun because snow may be cold but it was really to continue to work the little muscles in their hands.  The children also counted the marshmallows in the hot cocoa game. To work on number order, we had out puzzles for the children to put together We even sang 5 little snowmen reinforcing our counting skills.
Number order with puzzles

Feed the Snowman

Counting "marshmallows" for hot cocoa 

Counting and number recognition
The sensory table is always a big hit in our classroom. This month, the children searched through shredded paper to discover many hibernating animals. To celebrate the coming of Winter, we placed mashed potato flakes in the sensory table  as pretend snow. the children loved using the scooped and the sifts with them. When it became too cold for us to go outside and play in the snow, we brought the snow inside. It was big fun.

Real Snow to play inside
What creatures hibernate?

In Art, we talked about how no two snowflakes are the same. The children had a great time making pretend snowflakes from their painted, glittery coffee filters. The children also made great winter scenes using koosh balls and white paint. They were each as unique and different as the children.
Stamp painting with koosh balls

The Dramatic Play area is a great place for the children to practice their social skills. they loved making hot cocoa and delicious sandwiches for the customers.
Hot Cocoa and Sandwich Shop
Building a delicious sandwich
Ms.Charity and Mrs. Kort
Dates to Remember: January 10th 1st day back for class