Friday, December 2, 2016

Mrs. Kort and Mrs. Charity Knoch Knolls T/Th 3's

November 14th- December 2nd

December is here and time has flown by!  Our class has enjoyed the beautiful weather days and only once did rain keep us inside and unable to hike for discoveries at Knoch Knolls.  The past two weeks we discussed the changes in the woods, river and pond as we approach the winter season.  Now that the weather is colder, our class should be prepared for our hikes and bring snowpants, mittens and hats.

Our Friendship Feast - YUM!
We celebrated our “Friendship Feast” with everyone bringing their favorite fruit to share.  Our class also practiced their manners while we sang “Please Pass the Peas” while passing a plate.  We had fun learning the Turkey Hop as well as the special song we are learning for Family Snow Day.

In Language Arts, we introduced and wrote letters T and D as well as decorated them to reinforce things that begin with the letter.  During letter T week, our class worked on the Turkey Feather Alphabet Match Game.   We read:  “Bear Says Thanks” and “A Turkey for Thanksgiving”, “When You Give a Dog a Donut” and “ How Do Dinosaurs Get Well Soon”    Our class continues to work hard not only on writing the letter of the week but also their names.

Practicing our letter of the week
Turkey Feather Alphabet

In Math, we continued our one-to-one correspondence by counting dots on a turkey feather and matching the dots to the corresponding number as well as counting pegs to corresponding number puzzles.
Counting using pegs and pegboards
In Art, our class Q-Tip painted the letter D, used droppers to watercolor paint thankful leaves and also mixed colors to paint our tree branch we found on a hike.    We also made  Squiggle Art by using markers to make squiggles on paper and finger painted to fill in  the space.

Using pincher fingers

Q-tip painting letter D

Mixing Colors on our tree branch

In Science, our class experimented with the two extra small pumpkins in our classroom.  We decided on two locations to place the pumpkins in the woods and returned the next hike to discover what animal had enjoyed our treat.  We discovered that the pumpkin placed behind the log near the river bed was devoured by squirrels and the pumpkin hidden in the root of a fallen tree had a deep raccoon print on it.  During letter D week, our class learned about and was able to examine a wolly mammoth tooth.
A raccoon print found!

In our sensory table, we experimented with Ivory Soap in the microwave oven by observe it expanding into a puffy ball.  We combined the soap with toilet paper to create “clean mud”.    The following week, our class used their engineering skills to construct plastic tubes and funnels to see the movement of water.   During letter D week, we became paleontologists at a dinosaur dig where dinosaurs and dinosaur bones were discovered hidden in cloud dough.

Clean Mud

Digging for Dinosaurs
Water tubes

In dramatic play, our class had fun "camping" in the tee pee as well as running a doctor's office.
Enjoying the Tee Pee
The doctor is in

We are excited about the upcoming month of December and look forward to seeing you during Family Snow Day!

Mrs. Kort and Mrs. Charity

Dates to Remember:
Thursday, December 22nd -  Family Snow Day  9:40 a.m -11:10 a.m.
December 23-January 9th -  Winter Break – No Preschool
Tuesday, January 10th -    Class Resumes