Thursday, December 15, 2016

Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Boyle’s 3’s T/Th class

Welcome back! The class of room 119 continues to work hard, form friendships, and have a great time! This blog will focus on the letters R and H, the numbers 11 and 12, and the colors gray and pink. We have worked so hard and we are thrilled to share our experiences!


Language arts continues to focus on learning our letters and the sounds they make. We have focused these last two weeks on the letters H and R. For the letter “R” we covered letters with rice and rainbows, we sorted pictures, and we played a mystery bag game. Students placed their hands in a bag and used their sense of touch to gather information and guess what was inside of each bag. Each item began with the letter “R.”  When we studied the letter “H” we incorporated the shapes from our math lessons into our language arts. We used a variety of shapes to turn the letter “H” into a house, which happens to begin with the letter “H.” We turned triangles into roofs, and rectangles into doors. The students were learning to see shapes in their world, recall what they know about houses, and create their unique interpretation of what a house looks like. We also brainstormed a list of 22 impressive words that begin with the letter “H.” We continue to practice writing our names and reviewing our letter sounds each day.
Listening to our guest reader!

I wonder what is in that bag???

Our math has focused on patterns and matching skills. We have practiced patterns by using unifix cubes, popsicle sticks, and our daily calendar. A favorite has been the matching dominoes activity. The students use popsicle sticks, with shapes on each end, to match the shapes and colors together. The children enjoy this activity and it allows them to continue to practice their shapes and colors, while working their memories and improving their attention to detail.
Look how many ways I can find the same number.

Art continues to excite our class! The children enjoyed making horns, snowflakes, mittens, and hats.  One of our biggest areas of focus for art has been on the use of scissors. We continue to work on open close, open close as a reminder of how scissors work. The children have given haircuts to toilet paper rolls, turned coffee filters into snowflakes, and cut bunny ears from paper plates. We fill our sensory table with these activities and they always draw a crowd. The children are not only learning to cut better, but these same activities are working to strengthen the muscles in their hands that are needed for improving control in their handwriting skills.
We are getting ready for Snow Day!

Haircut anyone?

We are working those hand muscles!

Science class is one of the most exciting times in our day. The children enjoy making predictions about what will happen in each experiment. We experimented with making the color gray. The students took turns mixing and deciding if we needed to add more of one color to get the perfect shade of gray. We used those colors to write letters with Q-tips and guess which classmates had names that began with each of the letters. We also mixed colors of food coloring together to make colored rice for our sensory bin. The students each chose a combination of colors to add to a bag of rice and watched to see what the new color would be. Some students knew what color they wanted to make and they tried to get the right combination, while others just wanted to be surprised. We cannot wait to play with the colored rice in our sensory bin!  We also simulated rain clouds with shaving cream and food coloring. We discussed how clouds form and why they release rain. The class enjoyed watching as the food coloring fell from our cloud of shaving cream.

Look what color rice I made!


I can make letters in the gray paint!

We like to end each day with social studies/ social emotional activities. We talk to students about their day and discuss the emotions and feeling that they experience each day. We are still using our game of facial expressions to interpret emotions and determine how to deal with them. The students continue to be open and share their conflicts, feelings, and past experiences. They are learning to be empathetic and often provide great suggestions on how to resolve issues. Thank you all for raising such amazingly caring children.


Thank you for stopping by to see what we have been working on in room 119! Please visit us again in two weeks.

Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Boyle

Important Dates
December    22   Snow Day / Last Day of Class (Don’t forget to sign up to bring a treat)
 Snow Day begins at 9:15-10:45 (An adult must stay with each student at drop off)
 Due to limited space and planned activities we ask that there is only 1 adult per   student (no siblings please)
  Please Note: Snow day is the last day of classes before the winter break
January 10         Classes Resume!