Thursday, December 15, 2016

Ms. Caryn and Ms. Michelle 4's MWF Knock Knolls

Dates: December 5th through 16th

Even though it has been too cold to play outside, we still enjoy talking about winter and the letter W.  The children love hearing stories about what animals do to stay warm and hidden in the winter. Playing with real and pretend snow in the sensory table was very exciting and a great opportunity to be creative.

For language arts, we are focusing on phonics. Singing "Every Letter Makes a Sound" and reading our sight words are some of our favorite things to do during rug time. Now that we are spending more time inside, please feel free to allow your child to bring in something for Show and Tell on any day. The children really love to share their thoughts and feelings with their friends.

For math, we are continuing to work on our counting skills and number identification. The children really had fun rolling the dice and adding cotton balls to our snowman using tweezers. This was also great practice for their fine motor skills. Throughout the day, we encourage the children to practice writing their numbers on the dry erase boards or shaping numbers out of play dough.

In science, we are perfecting our observation skills and collecting information. Comparing the size and shape of different animal paws is very interesting. Counting toes has been great practice for many of us lengthening our attention span.

The children have been very busy doing puzzles and practicing their cutting skills. We can not believe how much they have improved since the beginning of the year. It is so wonderful to see the children's self confidence and self motivation increase with each passing day. Much of our physical activity lately has been dancing and singing inside. We were all laughing so hard during the fast version of "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes."

 For art, we are preparing for Family Snow Day on Wednesday December 21st. The children did a great job decorating letter W and C for their binders. They are all so very creative and proud of their work. Sparkle peppermint play dough was perfect for making snowmen and very soothing to smell. White paint and some car wheels come in handy when making a beautiful winter scene.

We had another mystery reader this week who shared a great book and brought many beautiful puppets for the children to hold and play with. 

Every day of school is a fun adventure. We really enjoy getting to know each of your children and watching them learn and grow. We are so thankful to have such an amazing group of kids in our class. We are looking forward to seeing everyone on Family Snow Day next week, and wish everyone a happy and healthy Winter Break. See you again next year when classes resume on Wednesday January 11th.

Thank you,
Ms. Caryn and Ms. Michelle