Friday, December 2, 2016

Ms. Denise and Ms. Sandy T/Th 3's at the RCC

These last  few  weeks of November have been jam packed with activities! We have talked about and used food, worked hard on writing our names, discussed being thankful and how we can help others.  The children have also been doing a wonderful job being kind and helping each other.

Dancing to the music!

Working on fine motor by cutting paper.

During Circle Time, we have read some books about being thankful and sharing, such as,  “Give Thanks for Each Day”, and “Sharing and Taking Turns”.   We enjoyed playing a fun Hide and Seek game with a turkey. One child covers his/her eyes and a paper turkey is hidden in the classroom. The child then will open his/her eyes to look for turkey. If the child walks in the direction of the turkey, the rest of the class provide a clue by saying, “gobble, gobble”.  It sounded like a turkey farm!

In Language Arts we traced a letter “F” with dot art. We also discussed the letter “T” and the sound it makes. As a large group we thought of different things that begin with “T” and Ms. Sandy used her artistic abilities and drew the items on our dry erase board.  Our favorite was the turkey she created! This activity really helped us work on our communication skills as well. The children practiced tracing their names. Ms. Sandy and Ms. Denise wrote our names in yellow marker, then we used another colored marker to trace our names.   Another fun activity involving our names was a puzzle activity. We had to put the letters in the right order to spell our name. We, then, glued them on a piece of construction paper. This is also a great fine motor activity.
Using dot art to trace the letter F.

Name Puzzles

We “played” with our food in math (not really). We glued Cheerios onto a piece of paper in the shape of  the number 4. It was very tempting to eat the Cheerios but the children restrained themselves. The sorting bears came out to help us with counting  and patterning. The children placed bears on a sheet with pictures of bears in a pattern. Noodles were our next food we used to count with. The numbers 1-6 and dots were written on paper plates , then the children used colored noodles to count out the numbers on the plates.  Shapes were another math concept we studied. The children used craft sticks to make different shapes, such as, squares, triangles and rectangles. Some students went beyond math shapes, they made buildings and castles.  One child challenged Ms. Denise to make a unicorn.  She actually did it!  Finally, the students used a muffin tin and colored pom poms to match like colored pom poms.  All these activities not only worked their minds, they also worked their fine motor skills.
Gluing Cheerios on paper in shape of number 4.

Patterning with sorting bears.

Making shapes with craft sticks.

We investigated with our senses in Science.  In small group with Ms. Sandy, the children were given four scents to smell; a lemon, honey, cinnamon sticks, and peppermint oil.  Some of the reactions were: peppermint oil- smells like gum, minty, GOOD; honey-yucky, lemon smell; cinnamon sticks- peanut butter, chocolate, eww, good smell, yummy, I Like It; and lemon- mmm, good, it smells clean, OH that smells pretty good, lemon, flowers.  One little guy really enjoyed the scent of the cinnamon sticks, for he held  on to the container, sat at the table and continued to give his nose a workout.
How does it smell!

Try this one.

For Social Studies we discussed what it means to be thankful and ways we can show kindness and love towards family and friends. Also, we talked about how we can help others who don’t have enough food to eat.  Thank you to everyone who donated pennies for pies! With those donations we were able to donate 120 pies to deserving families!! We have also spent some time discussing how we can be respectful of one another while we participate in activities in the classroom and large motor room. They are trying their best. We are so proud of their efforts!

In Art, Ms. Sandy asked the children-What kind of food would you want to be? What wonderful and articulate answers she received! One child responded that she would be Teriyaki Salmon! Delicious!! After Ms. Sandy wrote down their answers the children then created a picture of that food. The children also painted pictures using yellow paint and lemons! Yes, lemons! The children really enjoyed using the lemons. Some started with the lemons then put their hands in the paint and finger painted! Play dough and free art with paint were two other activities the students enjoyed.

I drew cheese pizza.

Painting with lemons.

Creating with play dough

The children really enjoy going to the gym.   Before the children have free play and play on equipment, we do relays and organized activities to stretch our muscles.

Also, thank you to our parents  who have read to our class so far! The children are so excited to have you come in and read!  We are looking forward to those who will be coming in the future.

Ms. Denise and Ms. Sandy

Upcoming Dates—

December 22- Family Snow Day

December 23-January 9- Winter Break- No School