Thursday, December 15, 2016

Ms. Patti and Ms. Meg T/Th Knoch Knolls 3's

December is here and our three year olds are enjoying the new winter weather. We are so excited when new things happen in and outside our classroom.  We all watched as our outdoor classroom turned from fall to winter. We loved when the first snow fell and we could play in the deep snow.  We found out that the snow was great for packing and we made giant snowballs.  We went to see who ate the rest of our pumpkins but they were long gone!! 

Our class made their very own paper snowballs!

In Language Arts we introduced and wrote the letter W and reviewed all the letters we have been working on.  We all love to listen to the story “There was an Old Lady who Swallowed some Snow,” how did she eat all of that stuff and then burp up a snowman?  Our favorite book was “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.” We even got to play with the cute mouse after we read the story.  A book on animal tracks showed us what they looked like and then we continued to look for them in other activities too! 

Taking good care of our mouse from the story.
If you a give a kid a book, they're going to want you to read it! 

In Art we water painted on snow and it was great when we figured out what happens when we mix two colors together. The hungry little mouse from our book enjoyed our cookies that we decorated and cut out for him.  We really enjoyed making animal prints with plastic animals and paint so much that we decided to take out the ink pads and stamps to do more prints.

Making the mouse some cookies!

In Science we talked about how some animals hibernate for the winter so we looked for them in our sensory table, I hope we didn’t wake them up!  The class really enjoyed looking at the examples of animals tracks on the science table, some of them were so tiny and a lot looked like the dog prints we found when we went outside.

Looking for our hibernating animals.
Look at all the animal tracks!

In our Sensory Table we found potato flakes that we think looked like the snow that was falling. We scooped them up and found out how very little they weighed in a cup. Another day we had super foamy bubbles that looked like big snowballs and snow mounds; it was fun getting really soapy.

In Math we counted how many snowballs we could feed a snowman and how many cookies that silly mouse could eat as we fed him tons! We also added up all the color bears we used in building houses for them to live in for the winter. We are all getting so good at counting and we love to count every day when we wait to see our wonderful families come to pick us up.

Look we each have 10 bears, we counted!

As we prepare for Family Snow Day and our winter break we want to take the time to thank all our parents for coming to read to our class but most of all for sharing your most precious gift with us, your children.  Every day with your child is so special and important to us both.  
Ms. Meg and Ms. Patti

Happy Winter!

Dates to Remember:

Winter Break: December 23-January 9
School Resumes January 10
No School January 16