Friday, December 2, 2016

Ms. Patti and Ms. Meg's M-Th Knoch Knolls Pre-K

December has begun in our Pre-Kindergarten classroom.  We couldn’t believe one day it was fall outside and the next day we had beautiful snow to go play in, we could not be more excited.  We also watched as the pond froze over and the pumpkins we left out for the animals got gobbled up by some hungry animal.  Our class has been super busy working on our letters and discovering new things on the science table.

Building houses that are warm for the winter!

In Language Arts we worked on the letter W and reviewed all the letters and sounds we have worked on. Our snap words almost fill up the board and now we are trying to make sentences.  We read “There was an Old Lady who Swallowed Some Snow,” a very silly story with an ending the whole class laughed really hard about.  The class listened very carefully as we read a story about animal prints and we were surprised about how many different kinds there are. Our favorite story was “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.” We all worked really hard trying to figure out what that silly mouse wanted next!!  Our class also made a journal page of what we would give that mouse and what he would tell us he wants now, a good way to practice our writing skills. 

If you give a child a book, they're going to want you to read it!
Working on our journals.
Look at all the snap words we know!

In Art we water painted on snow, a great way to see what happens when you mix two colors. The class also made animal prints with our plastic animals and we liked it so much we made them with ink pads and stamps. Many cookies were made for that cute mouse as we cut them out (good practice) and decorated them so they looked extra yummy!

Making cookies for the mouse!
Look! Red and Blue make Purple!

In Science we talked a lot about hibernation and animal prints as most of the animals outside hide away for the winter.  We also of course really enjoyed the snow. We did an experiment to see how long we could hold a snow ball and we took very hot water outside to see the steam. Mrs. H from our nature center brought in the frog and told us all about him. She told us they sometimes get so cold they become “Frogsickles” we all had fun pretending to be frozen frogs!

Mrs. H showing us the nature center toad!
Watching hot water make steam!

In the Sensory Table we made our name frogs hibernate and we said “See you in the spring!”  One day we found potato flakes in the table and we thought they looked like snowflakes. We measured them and piled them high in a mound. Lastly we had a great big tub of whipped dish soap that we held in our hands and really enjoyed as they seemed lighter than air.

Hibernating our name toads!

In Math we worked hard on our counting and we had fun feeding the silly mouse lots and lots of cookies when we rolled the dice and fed him the number on the dice.  We counted snowballs that were in a chilly snowman, we used tweezers to pick up the snowballs, and it was good small motor practice too.

Counting cookies to give to the mouse.

As we prepare for our Snow Day Party and our winter break we wanted to thank all our parents for sharing their most precious gift, your wonderful children. We enjoy every day we get to spend with them. Thank You!!

Ms. Meg and Ms. Patti

Happy Winter! 

Dates to Remember:
Winter Break: December 23-January 9
School Resumes January 10
No School January 16

Ms. Patti and Ms. Meg's M-Th Knoch Knolls Pre-K

The past few weeks have been filled with thankfulness and fun!  We have enjoyed many parents coming into the room volunteering to read a book to the class.  The weather has been a little crazy some days but we have been able to go outside almost every day!  Remember to dress your child appropriately, we love the outdoors and will be going out whenever possible.
Comfy clothes day!!!  Which included going to the playground!
We have been talking about the letters T and C.  It was exciting to read books in a tee-pee in our room. Our journal entry was "If I had a pet turkey".  Some would play with it and a few wanted to eat it! We also colored paper crayons, cut them out, then drew a C and glued the crayons on it.  We read many books including 'Llama's In Pajama's".  We went on a (pretend) turkey hunt outside.  Everyone found turkey's!  Each one had a letter on it.  When we got back to the room, we put the turkeys in alphabetical order.  Our new snap words we worked on were:  no, hi, up and down.
Turkey hunt success!

Thinking of C words.
We love numbers!  We are thankful for our friends at school and count them every day.  They counted feathers and put them on turkeys.  Played a dice game feeding cookies to a cookie monster.  And held a cold ice cube in their hand and seen how high they could count before they had to drop it!  It was fun to drive small cars into a pretend parking lot in the correct order.  They also do a great job making AB and ABC patterns with unifix cubes.
Counting, matching and reading.

Working together building cages for the animals.  Notice
how the animals are sorted...striped, spotted, water, etc.  
Science is fun!  We made play dough.  We measured and predicted what would happen when we mixed the hot liquid water with the dry ingredients.  And we wondered what would happen when we mixed the yummy smelling cocoa in it!  Everyone enjoyed playing with it and smelling it (not eating it!)  In our sensory table we floated cranberries.  Also had cars frozen in ice and a huge ice cube in it. Using eye droppers and salty water, the ice melted.  We had toilet paper trolls that needed hair cuts...luckily we have many great scissor users that gave them a trim!  They cut it smaller and smaller with each snip!  We painted with cars and ice while mixing colors to see what would happen.  This class loves osage oranges (monkey brains).  We found some and decided to roll them.  Some got extra sticky.  We also threw many of them in the pond to see how far we can throw and if they made it to the water, how big of a splash can we make?  Sheldon the nature center's turtle came to our room for a visit!  We learned all about him including how we know he is a boy...because he has red eyes.  We all got to pet Sheldon on his shell very carefully and quietly.
Making play dough.

Making the osage oranges move.
We now have an ice skating rink in our room!  It's fun to skate with friends and do tricks.  Our skates are paper plates and they slide and make everyone smile and laugh!  It can get cold so we have a hot cocoa stand to help us warm up.  We share, cooperate and sell cocoa and cupcakes there.  The cash register helps to count the money.  Marshmallows (cotton balls) are put in the cocoa if requested!
Ice skating with an audience.

Hungry?  Thirsty?  No problem!
We love to move!  Outside we enjoy walking, exploring and running.  We are getting to be pro's at walking on the right side of the paths.  We even walked all the way to the ball park on a beautiful day. It was .8 miles each way.  We brought buckets, shovels,  balls and our snack with us.  It's a lot of fun to dig in the dirt/sand.  There were trucks working so we watched them too.  We took a break and had snack, then played again before our walk back to school.
The crab walk!  It's not as easy as it looks!

Beautiful day for a snack at the ball field!
As winter break is coming way too fast, we would like to look back at the school year and remind you how thankful we are to have your children in our class!

Ms. Patti and Ms. Meg

Dates to remember:
             Thursday, Dec. 8 - Parent/Teacher conferences (NO SCHOOL)
             Thursday, Dec. 22 - Family Snow Day (more info. soon)
             Monday, Dec. 26 to Monday, Jan. 9 - Winter Break (NO SCHOOL)
                              (Class resumes Tuesday, Jan. 10, 2017)