Thursday, December 1, 2016

Ms.Caryn and Ms. Michelle 4's Knock Knolls

Dates: November 14th through December 2nd

Hello again! We hope everyone had a fantastic fall break and Happy Thanksgiving.
Have you heard your child singing the "Hello Mr. Turkey" song that we have been practicing in class? It was so much fun to see the children light up with joy as they sang the silly song.
In the last few weeks, we have finished talking about letter N and started working on letters T and C. Making nests was so much messy fun. The children realized it was hard work being a bird.
In language arts, we discussed the things that we are thankful for like being together.

Counting chocolate chips on cookies to feed Cookie Monster

In math, we are continuing to work on identifying and writing our numbers. Using tape measures on everything in the classroom was exciting and good practice counting. We were so excited to have more mystery readers join us and share some silly books that had us all laughing.

In art, we made adorable turkeys for Thanksgiving, and decorated our letters T and C for our binders. It was wonderful to hear the children talking about their observations of the trees outside as they worked on their art projects. The children are becoming experts at cutting out shapes, especially circles.

Cold weather trees made with ice painting

Trains, tea parties and toys are just some of the topics we have talked about in social studies. During rug time this week, the children came up with a very long list of words that start with C. They are all improving greatly on sounding out words and identifying the beginning sounds.

Show and Tell has been a huge success. The children are learning to be brave and talk in front of the entire class. They are very good at telling us about their special object or picture that they brought in and answering lots of questions from the other children. They are so happy and proud when they are done and get a round of applause.

In science, we are learning about temperature and how warm and cold feel. Taking a long hike to look for animal tracks was the perfect opportunity to talk about wearing cold weather clothes. Sorry if your child's shoes were muddy, but we had a blast walking through the mud and looking at our own footprints too. Ask your child if they remember the first rule of being a good scientist. We talked about being quiet so that we could look and listen for animals and plants in the woods. We are very proud of our little scientists and all their great observations.

Thank you,
Ms. Caryn and Ms. Michelle