Thursday, December 15, 2016

MWF 4's with Mrs. Hristov and Mrs. Melby December 16, 2016

The weather sure turned cold fast.  The children do not seem mind the weather at all.  The morning routine has been quickly adapted to include taking off a few more items of clothing.  In the classroom we have been busy adding new letters in our everyday activities.  Last week we discussed the letter D this week we talked about the letter M.

During "D" week we did a lot of dinosaur activities.  At the art center we made upper case D's into dinosaurs as well as a shape dinosaur.  At the manipulative center we sorted dinosaurs.  In the block center we used out imaginations to create a dinosaur world.  We also read dinosaur books during group time.  The boys really got into the dinosaurs!

In dramatic play we had a Donut Shop.  The children had to decide who was baking the donuts, who was the customer, and who took the orders and served the customers.  This took cooperation and sharing and the kids did great.  I also noticed some "inventive spelling" from the children who took orders.

At the writing table we practiced writing upper case and lowercase D, at the easel we did magic D's appearing from watercolor and tape, and dot painting. 

In science we talked about the concept of dissolving. We discovered what dissolves in hot water and what dissolve in cold water and what just does not dissolve at all. 

At the sensory table we washed dishes.  All the students loved to wash and dry the dishes and had a great time!

We also started a new game this week called teachers vs students.  The teachers come up with a sound and the students have to come up with the letter the makes that sound.  The children absolutely love this game and LOVE to beat the teachers!

This week we discussed the Letter M.  At group time we read the book The Mitten and did many activities including sequence all week around this book.  At the art table we cut out and marble painted the letter M.  We then made a mitten by threading two mitten cut outs together with yarn.  At the free art center we created puppets from the book with Popsicle sticks to have the children retell the story. In the writing center we practice writing the letter M and discussed if we had a mitten what we put in it.
Annabelle with her cut out M-now marble painting
John threading together his mitten

Zoie making the puppets for her mitten

At dramatic play we had a post office with several children delivering the mail.  We also had a place where the children could write a letter or invitation and mail it in the mailbox.  I think some of the mail probably made it home as well. :0)

In the block center we had the marble run.  The children had fun constructing the structure to make
sure the marble would make it from start to finish. This took planning and patients to adjust and readjust the structure so that the marble would make it to the bottom.  The cooperation that went on during this center was fabulous!

On Monday in the sensory table we had snow (actual snow from outside the door).  In the snow we dropped liquid water color with a pipette to see what beautiful creations we could make


Now that the weather is possibly threatening school closings, you can always check the park district website for this information.  The Park District procedure is  we follow District 203 and 204 school closing.  If there is a late start at either district, we will be closed as well.

Looking ahead:

December 21:    Family Snow Day-

We will be in Room 106.  Due to size, please limit to one adult per student and please make every effort to keep siblings at home. We want snow day to be super enjoyable for both yourself and your child.   Just a reminder that this is a shortened day for our class.  We ask that everyone come to Room 106 by 9:15.  We will then do a couple, short presentation pieces and then you and your child will have center time.  The last half hour will be a party.  Our day will end at 10:45.

December 23- January 9:   Winter Break- Have a great break, Be safe!

Thanks again for all your cooperation.

Mrs. Hristov and Mrs. Melby