Friday, December 2, 2016

MWF 4's with Mrs. Melby and Mrs. Hristov December 2, 2016

Time is passing quickly and the children have settled into our routine very well.  They have made friendships and a strong bond has been formed.  During this time we worked on the letters E and H and talked about the concept of what it means to be “thankful” and worked on our “manners”. We talked abut what it means and why it is important to use our manners all the time. In honor of Thanksgiving everyone also brought in their favorite healthy snack to be mixed in our "friendship mix" and shared at snack time. The children really enjoyed sharing and trying out new snacks.   During this time, we had our very first parent volunteer come in and help us out throughout our day.  The children loved having our special guest in to read to us and help us.

What are we thankful for?
putting together our friendship mix

In dramatic play,  we had the kitchen during K week.   Here we we played house and practiced our manners at the dinner table where we shared and socialized with each other.  In addition we also played in the hospital during H week.  There we took turns being a doctor, patient and receptionist.
Working the reception area at the hospital

At the block center we added the elephants (during E week) and the horses and barn (during H week).  The children really enjoyed adding these to the blocks where they can create their own jungle or zoo or whatever they come up with.  We also worked with magnetic letters to make our sight words.
working with the magnetic letters to make words
At the art table, we created our very own Elmer the Elephant where we collaged tissue paper on contact paper, made engines out of shapes, painted at the easel with our elbows and  created the letter E out of envelopes.  We also painted with gourds and made our very own “thankful turkey “ puppet. During H week we talked about the concept of symmetry and made symmetry hearts, we traced and cut out our hands, hole punched the letter H, created houses out of shapes and painted with tape resistance on the easel.  We were very busy.

Cutting out the letter H
Creating a shape engine
Painting with gourds

Creating symmetry hearts

At the writing table, we practiced writing our letters in our  alphabet books, and worked with our play dough where we formed the letters we have covered this far in class on our letter mats.  The children also worked on what they are thankful for when we colored all the things that they are happy  they have.  We also talked about homes and played a game that associated different animals and people with their homes.

Writing in our alphabet books

Creating our thankful sheet

At the math and manipulative center, we worked on our counting, one to one correspondence, and identifying numbers in a ten grid.  The children practiced these skills when they played the elephant link game, dominoes or when they worked with Tangrams to complete thanksgiving day shapes.  We also worked on our fine motor skills when we laced hearts.

Working on the elephant link game

Practiced identifying numbers in a ten grid while playing dominoes

In Science, we talked about the concepts of hard vs, soft. At the sensory table we asked the children to find items that were hard and soft and draw them on the graph that was on the wall.

In the gross motor room we play, build, bowl and many other activities.  During H week we played Hopscotch with hula hoops.  They practiced hopping like different animals.

As the weather is getting colder each day, please remember to dress your child warmly (with hats and gloves) because we do stand outside for pick-up and drop off.  Also, please check your email regularly there were two sign-up genus emails that went out.  Please let me know if you didn't receive them.  The children are great.  It's amazing to see how far they have come already. Cant wait to see how they keep progressing.  

Looking ahead:

December 9th:                       Parent / Teacher Conferences
December 21st:                     Family Snow Day
December 23-January 9        Winter Break

Thanks again for all of your help and cooperation.  

Mrs. Melby and Mrs. Hristov