Thursday, January 19, 2017

Mrs. Boyle & Mrs. Smith 4's MWF @ RCC

Happy New Year and welcome to room 119’s first blog of 2017!  We hope everyone had a wonderful break.  This blog discusses things we have completed both before and after break.   Before break we learned about the letter “m” and did a review week after break of the letters we had already discussed in class.  They are “a”, “s”, “t”, “n”, ‘i”, “p”, “c”, “k”, “e”, “h”, and  “r”.  We also reviewed numbers and our colors.

In language arts, we read many books but a few of our favorites were: Waiting, The Snowy Day, and Biscuit’s 1, 2, 3.  We had great discussions making connections in our own lives with these books.   We expanded on our discussions and did a writing exercise.  The children wrote about what they like to do on a snowy day.   We have some creative students!   We also decorated masks, spoke of words that began with the “m” sound, played a sorting game with cards and another with objects, and introduced a new game of clothespins letter cards.  It was so great to see how quickly they are picking up the beginning sounds and how much excitement they have playing this game.  They love playing against teachers and winning!   We continue to enjoy our parent volunteers and love the time they share with us.

Can you guess who I am?

We love having parent volunteers!

In art, we had so much fun painting our pots in preparation for Family Snow Day, made snowflakes for our bulletin board, made elephant creations, bubble painting, coffee filter tie dye painting, and mystery painting. The mystery painting was our favorite art activity.   We had to make a guess at the color paint we thought would be under the pad.  We are not sure what was most of the exciting, whether it was guessing the correct color, seeing how far we could make the paint splatter or seeing the colors blend to make new colors.  

Creating masterpieces

In math we learned about shapes, colors, numbers and patterns.  The students chose the shapes and colors of their buttons and added to our snow costumes for our Family Snow Day.  We also played with tallies, patterns with unifix blocks, play dough numbers, number sequences, matching numbers, dominos and our snowman counting.    We have fun taking turns and completing these activities with our friends.  While the goal of these lessons are the focus of basic number values, the encouragement and praise our students give each other while playing these math games are life long lessons that go beyond the classroom learning.

Snowman math is snow much fun!

In science, we dabbled our hands in weights using helium balloon, along with some fun with magnets, and making our own play dough with cornstarch and conditioner.  Our favorite activity in science was fun with magnets.  We used our colored rice from our past science and put it into our sensory table.  We played with the colored rice but then we added things that were magnetic.  We used our wands and not our hands to pick up the items from the sensory table and sorted them into their respective buckets.  We also did an experiment using magnets called is it magnetic.   We walked around the room guessing if things were magnetic and testing out our hypothesis. The squeals, excitement and reactions on the faces of these kids when things were magnetic were truly priceless! 

We loved making our own play dough.

Friends working on science and friends playing post office.

For our social and emotional we continue to play the Emotional Mix Up Game to talk about our feelings and emotions, promote problem solving, and also discuss how important it is to take turns and encourage our friends.  We discuss that by helping our friends to encourage each other to succeed, we too succeed.  We also played a game working on self-esteem.  We roll a dice and answer questions for that corresponding number.  We proudly shared our answers with our friends. We continue to plant seeds of being good friends to one another and give students the skills to resolve some situations on their own.

Laughter with friends is great!

 In our dramatic we had a post office, add a kitchen and we also added two dollhouses.   With the post office, the students enjoyed writing letters and drawing pictures for their friends, mailing them in the respective mailboxes, and then delivering them.  They really enjoyed this a lot.  The post office was very popular and one that many students participated but the favorite dramatic play was the dollhouse.  The imagination and ability to share between the two houses was amazing.  There were no conflicts and both houses had to share the dolls and furniture. 

Dollhouse fun

The students worked hard on practicing for their performance and making their own costumes in preparation for Family Snow Day.  We hope you all enjoyed spending one on one time with your children at Family Snow Day.  It was wonderful to see the children perform, as well as play games, share books, and have a snack with you on that day.  Memories were made and it was great to see!

 Don't we look cute!

 We made our own costumes!

 So much fun preparing for Family Snow Day!

Playing together at Family Snow Day!

Thank you for checking in with our 4 year old class,

Mrs. Boyle and Mrs. Smith